Drama review

My review:

  • The first group theme was a critic and comedy on Sherlock Holmes which was not so good because the actor/actress speaks not clearly
  • The second group acted too funny, their title was “Spartan v.s. 3 idiots”. The story was when 3 Spartans met 3 idiots and they fought; Spartans won and at last they sang and danced together.
  • The third group acted funny, but not too good because in some scene, the spoke softly. It was about 2 naughty students turned into hardworking student. This drama criticize some of the teachers of our school.
  • The fourth group was about a non-magician student get into for magician only school and at last she (actually she is a man) get her love with the one who she loved. Not so good because the ending was too short. The ending was when the one who she loved fall down and she caught her. And then the end.
  • The 5th group is about 3 stupid men and 3 high class women; and a geany. The story idea is funny (but not meaningful) but I may not laugh as we will perform next and our group’s theme is about sadness.
  • The 6th group is our group. See more and watch it here. The only critic from my friends are: I and Jensen have no expression when panic. But guess what, our group, the saddest drama, along with the group which performed the funniest drama got the highest score.
  • The 7th group’s theme was about a class consists of Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Bruno Mars keep on pushing their own ego. Not too funny, and the drama somewhat didn’t have connection with the meaning.

Review from the teacher:

  • The funniest group: 2nd group: “Spartans v.s. 3 idiots”: creative, able to make the same Spartan army sound
    every member got 95
  • The saddest group: 6th group: “To Keep Walking Until the End”: almost make me cry
    every member got 95
  • Best actor/actress: Jonathan from the 4th group: very good, able to acts as woman
    got 97

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