This week is a good but tiring week. This week, my group played in the drama which is recorded by Nicholas. You can watch it here.

“Speed of Sound” from the album X&Y dominated the week.

Monday, nothing special except we practice the drama once. Before we can finish the drama practice, we are ask to leave that place.

Tuesday, we practice the drama 3 times. I almost late for tuition, but when I came in, I am the first to come.

Wednesday morning, after watching the performance from the 5th group, we performed the drama! We planned it very carefully as when I plugged in the projector cable to my laptop, it crashed; and in instant I plugged it to Golfin’s laptop and everyone don’t think that we have an issue. As well as the sound system, the other group who bring a bigger and louder speaker permitted us to use that speaker. Well, everyone who perform in this drama thinks that this drama will not be success as when we practice, everyone cannot be serious.

Thursday, watched performance from the 7th group. This day, our class are taught to sing “Ave Maria” and “Caro Mio Ben”.

Friday, chemistry lab session. Not as busy as the previous experiment. But this time we manipulated the data that we gained so that the error percentage could be diminished. We don’t tell others, but from the result we gained, everyone (except the teachers) seems to know it!

Drama review:

  • The 5th group is about 3 stupid men and 3 high class women; and a geany. The story idea is funny (but not meaningful) but I may not laugh as we will perform next and our group’s theme is about sadness.
  • The 6th group is our group. See more and watch it here. The only critic from my friends are: I and Jensen have no expression when panic. But guess what, our group, the saddest drama, along with the group which performed the funniest drama got the highest score.
  • The 7th group’s theme was about a class consists of Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Bruno Mars keep on pushing their own ego. Not too funny, and the drama somewhat didn’t have connection with the meaning.

Review from the teacher:

  • The funniest group: 2nd group: “Spartans v.s. 3 idiots”: creative, able to make the same Spartan army sound
    every member got 95
  • The saddest group: 6th group: “To Keep Walking Until the End”: almost make me cry
    every member got 95
  • Best actor/actress: Jonathan from the 4th group: very good, able to acts as woman
    got 97

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