2nd TWoS and Chinese New Year

The 21st January TWoS were attended by more students than the previous one; but less teachers. Our stand (computer) have its gift out-of-stock as there were too many people who can solve the game. This time, our stand (including the others in the room) was closed at 3 pm. Don’t worry, you can play the game any time at http://tinyurl.com/twosX .

It’s Chinese New Year on 23rd January, and I have holiday until 29 January. This Chinese New Year somehow didn’t feel like Chinese New Year; our conditions were not well. My brother got sick, I got flu, etc. The best thing in this Chinese New Year that I continue to develop my website which is an online judge (see http://pc.t15.org/).

In this holiday, I also rewatched some Conan movies; my cousins and me watched an Indonesian film titled “Xia Aimei” at theater. It is a movie about a girl named Xia Ai-mei which came from China and was a human trafficking victim and she was forced to work at nightclub in Indonesia. She ran away, and met some guys which help her return to China; but before she returns, the people at that nightclub found her and sank her to the sea. The police arrested the people from that nightclub and that guy jumped in to the sea to find her. He found her, but she already died. And then “The End”. Ahh, it’s just like that; the introduction was very long, but the climax and anti-climax was too short. The media partner is Yahoo!, but in the film, the uses Google Translate to help the guy and Xia communicate; the guy also uses GMail to check his email. That is what I can say about this film.

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