March 2012

The first half of March is spent on school examination.

  • 9 March: Physics: good, got 2 question answered wrongly only in MCQs
  • 10 March: Indonesian language: not bad, got 4 wrongs in MCQs, I’m worried about the essay test
  • 12 March: Chemistry: one of my favorite subject, unsure in MCQs, got 1 question answered wrongly in essay test (but my score is not deducted too much).
  • 13 March: Civics and English: not bad too, but I’m worried in this 2 subjects.
  • 15 March: Mathematics: good, I solved all the questions in time! I also have enough time to recheck half my work.
  • 17 March: Biology: worth an effort, after spending 2 days focusing on Biology, I just got 2 question answered wrongly in MCQs.

After the exam, I focused on doing my computer project which is an animation of “Angry Birds” game. In this animation, a bird is launched using a slingshot to hit a “king” pig and then the bird sees that there are another 4 “king” pig. The bird shoots out laser and kills the pigs. The bird go up a hill and sees that there are a lot of smaller-sized pigs. The bird shoots out a beam. But the pigs send out a mirror and then the beam got reflected by the mirror. Finally the beam hits the bird and then the animation ends. You can view my computer project here. (p.s. The animation is masked in a box styled like YouTube :) )

On 19 March, we got a “holiday” because the third grade is still having exam, but the first round of JOINTS (Jogja Information Technology Session) PCS (Programming Contest Session) is held on that day. In this contest, our team consists of me, Golfin, and Peter. This round is a “virtual round contest”, a contest which you can start at any time for a time limit and within a certain time (i.e. you can start this round at any time on that day; the round lasts only for 2 hours).

20 March is Leonard’s birthday. After long discussion, there is no decision on which thing to be gifted. So in 20 March, there is absolutely nothing special! In the school, the drama group decided to hold it in Sun Plaza on 23 March because it is much simpler than all the ideas before it.

On 22 March, this is the last time in this semester for Michael Lie, an “assistant” of Johnson, to teach us. He will go back to Japan for his studies there. After school, I started to upgrade my laptop to Windows 7. It finished on the night. Hopefully the upgrade was successful. My first impression is it is much simpler, more responsive, and faster than Windows Vista. But then I realize that Windows Vista is more beautiful than Windows 7. But, who needs a beautiful-but-slow OS? OK, now the new OS need much update. I also need to update something in order to fix my DVD drive which didn’t work after the upgrade.

23 March is a very long day. In the morning, I continue the update. At 10 something, Golfin come to my house and watch me updating my new OS. At 11, near 12, we go to fetch Leonard and go to Sun Plaza. Then we meet with the rest from the drama group (the drama group consists of me, Leonard, Edward, Golfin, Jessica, Vicky, Jensen, Roselyn + Eko) + Robert.  Then we go to eat at Sushitei. At 1, the plan that Vicky forget to bring the birthday cake but actually have hidden it somewhere is successfully carried out. We have some photos together (which is currently not yet uploaded to social media sites). After eating, we actually intend to watch film, but there is no tickets left. Went to Paperclip. Went to Amazon, play many games including air hockey, mini-basketball, dancing video game, and FPS video game. Went to Hypermart to buy drinks. Went to Gramedia to read books (not buying anything). Went to KFC to have some snacks. After that, we went home.

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