The Dream

25 March 2012

I have a nice dream when I’m sleeping. I just can recall the last part of my dream. In that dream, I’m doing biology homework: answer the questions in the biology book. (in real life, the teacher will never give us that homework) While doing it in a place which resembles Johnson bimbel room 3C with tables from room 4A, I’m listening to songs. I can recall that they were Coldplay – Princess of China and Don’t Let It Break Your Heart. After those songs, I can listen to a song which style is somewhat similar to songs from Noah and the Whale’s album “The First Days of Spring”.

Suddenly, I become watching music video about that song through TV in my home’s family room. The music video’s plot is in a Chinese temple (could also be Korean or Japanese). The temple’s door are all opened. The camera is approaching a man standing outside the temple’s room. And then the camera shifted to the altar which doors are opening. After they opened, the video shifted to another time; supposedly the man’s past time (because the video now is using sepia filter). That moment, the song is in the refrain part which I recall:

I don’t mind
Looking at the other
And I don’t mind
Looking at me

This time the video played in a slower motion. The video now is a school. The man is playing cards with his friends in a stair outside the school’s entrance door. A girl, I assumed his little sister, is coming up to him. Now, the camera shifted to the girl’s point of view. The girl looked the man and his friends as if there were something wrong had happened. The camera shifted back to the man’s point of view. She is informing about the other “man”.

I concluded that the man that the girl talking about and the man that played cards are twin brothers; also the girl that time is informing that the other “man” has died. Now, in my dream, I almost cried. But, suddenly my alarm rand and then I wake up from this dream. Ah, such a nice sad song. Really, the song’s style is almost similar to the songs from Noah and the Whale’s album “The First Days of Spring”; also the singer’s voice is also similar to Charlie Fink, the vocalist of Noah and the Whale.

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