First half of April

First of April 2012 was full of Google. That Sunday, my life is full of Google: Chrome Multitask, Google Japanese Input, Gmail Tap, Google Fiber, Youtube Collection, Google-NASCAR self-driving car, etc. It was fun!

I forget whether it happened on 1st of April or 8th of April. I dreamed boarding a large ship which in the dream I assumed it ‘Titanic’. When the ship is near to a reef, I take a camera which I left there before. Then my grandmother asks me what it is for. I reply in Hokkien ‘hip siong‘ (to take photograph). Suddenly, I am swimming and walking in a shallow river with some western, local people, and my cousins. I take many photograph there. When we are at the river bank, I hear that some local musician are playing Ebiet G. Ade song “Masih Ada Waktu”. When we walk up to a hill, we come across some kids wearing flower costume which I assume they are kindergarten students although they are big enough to be considered as primary students. There I met Edward Chai with his 4 female friends playing around there: when they meet a boy, the girls scream; when they meet a girl, he screams like a girl. :P In a sudden, we arrive in my uncle’s villa. It is a 4-room villa.

At first, we are in the3rd room, then I go to the 1st room and notice tat my cousins are eating Minang food from Garuda Restaurant. I take photograph of all the rooms (because of it I remember the layout of the villa). Last, I take photo of 2nd room and notice a winter jacket; and then I wake up.

On 4th of April, OSK (National Science Olympiad: City/Regency level) for Computer subject was held on SMAN2 which is located next to Taman Indah Malibu. Ms Desy from Binus took us there by a car. There we (me, Charlie, Peter, Golfin, Sevien, Yoshua, Frederic) met friends from Sutomo 2 (Andi & Muhammad Faisal), and W.R. Supratman (Felix) who followed the final of BNPCHS2011. This year’s questions are more difficult than last year’s one. (also there are more questions which don’t have answer). When we return back to Sutomo, we were given free breads by Ms Desy. Thank you. After I arrived home, I begged not to go to Rainbow School that night because I’m too tired. Nah, I watched Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Our Indonesian language teacher told us to make a drama. At first, I ignored it because I’m focusing on OSK. After OSK, I was tasked on the tech things such as the screen; the music; and the sound effect. On Friday, 13th of April, I started my A-Level Physics tuition. In the night, I rushed doing it because we must held a rehearsal with the projector and the costume on the Saturday.

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