12 June 2012

12 June 2012
My day started on 8.30 am. I remembered that Satyananda, a long-time friend of mine, will pay a visit to my home at 10. I rushed to clean myself and have breakfast. It was still 9. I lay down for a while.
At 9.45, I had my bath. Got nothing to do. I started to defragment my laptop’s hard-disk. Also, I started to go online. I started it with doing a favour from Asep, a Wikipedia-and-Wikibooks user, on Indonesian Wikibooks. 10.30, Satya called me that he will start coming to my home. Around 11, he arrived here. I played Airline Manager first; chit-chat for a while; also copying my files to his externad HDD; and then started to play Winning Eleven on PS2. We started it with Netherlands 3-2 (me) England; then South Korea 1-2 (me) Australia; Manchester United 5-4 (me) Chelsea; finally Netherlands 3-3 (me) Spanish (PK: Ned won). Before NED v. ESP, I had lunch first.
After those things, he went home. I went to have a nap. In this nap, I had a very interesting dream. I dreamed that I am lying on my bed, with my eyes open, and I feel that I can move my body but I didn’t want to do it because I think it will cause me to be awake. Is this lucid dream? As I remembered, I have never experienced lucid dream before.
At 4, I had tuition on Johnson. I’m surprised that the students that followed intensive class on 2 was very many, including Leonard, Eddy, Stella, Selamat, and Jason. My friendship with Leonard now is not as well as that in January. I think he hasn’t forgave me on my words in the Whatsapp group last Sunday. I hope that our friendship didn’t broke.

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