The story of Rainbow School

13 June 2012

This is the last day of me in Rainbow School, an English course in Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto. I’ve been in that course since I am still 5 (TK B; 2nd year of Kindergarten). Since then, I’ve met many friends, taught by many teachers, and been in many classroom.

I’ve joined many level (in ascending order): “Dragon Rabbit”, “Koala”, (forget the order: “Smurf”, “Unicorn”, and one more) “Ninja Turtle”, “Super Ninja”, “New Interchange-1”, “New Interchange-2”, “New Interchange-3”, “Passage-1”, and finally “Passage-2”.

The only friend who started in the same year like me is Jennifer Tandratama. She and I have been in the same class since then until today. (except last year’s class: she quit for a year because he business in her new school before returning back).

I’ve been taught by many teachers: teacher Susi(I’ve forget which level), teacher Eddy (I’ve forget which level), teacher Jemmy (Super Ninja), teacher Jonto (NI-1 and NI-3), teacher Andrie (NI-2), teacher Dewi H. (P-1), teacher Veni (P-2), (with Mr. Herbert, whose main job is as a lawyer) and the others who I forget their names.

Today, our class performed “We are Young“, “Count on Me“, and “What Makes You Beautiful“. The preparation was very minimal. It was just on Monday that we were told to have performed today. That day, I had never listened to Count on Me before. Today, the performance started at 8. We rehearsed it together for the first and the last time until the very end of the time limit. Well, the performance gone well, with all the evening-class students and their teachers watching, but I’ve noticed a slight error in our singing What Makes You Beautiful. After the performance, our certificates are given by our teacher. It was not 9 yet, we have photos until it was 9. When it was 9, our teacher distributed our report book, with me having the 1st rank and she also gave me a gift: a pencil case with 4 colour pens inside: blue, green, red, and black. Thank you. This is our class member: me, Eddy, Jennifer T., Cindyana, Jessi, Tommy, Kevin J., Vera L., Zulianto C., Meta W. It was such a great year with you all. You all will be missed. :)

Our teacher this year, teacher Veni, was focused on doing activities such as debate, news reading, story telling, cooking demo, presentation, promotion, singing, etc. Our class was regularly split into groups. Sometimes the class was split into 2 group: boys and girls. Sometimes the class was split into 5 groups consisting of 2 people: mostly a couple. In a couple, I’ve ever teamed with Jennifer and Cindyana. Whenever I teamed with Jennifer, I thought that the project went not so well as it was some kind of imbalanced: she was so talkative while I’m not. But it went well with Cindyana, she was doing the parts when I’m stuck; and I continued it when she’s stuck. This project ever involved people outside the school. We have ever interviewed Western people in Emerald Garden Hotel.

Last Saturday, 9 June 2012, we thrown our graduation dinner in Nelayan Merak Jingga. There was 10 of us, plus teacher Veni, teacher Jonto, and our ex-classmate: Ryan Octosa. We took may photos there. I think that our time spent on taking photos are longer than that on eating. We ordered sweet-and-sour fish fillet, 2-flavour fried chicken, fried noodle, and hot-plate-and-sauced prawn.

Last Sunday, 10 June 2012, Rainbow had their grand opening on their new branch at Asia Mega Mas. We’ve been there since 9 am. We were told to do promotion about the school to the audience. We also have a stand for selling accessories. The boys and the girls take turn to do them. Around 1.30pm, I, Eddy, Jennifer, Vera, and Ms. Dewi joined the tarot-card fortune-telling. The fortune-teller told each of us about our love. He told me that now I’m “standing, watching, and waiting for something”. The positive character of me is “When I strike, I strike right into the point” (when I say, I’ll say it just to the point). The negative one is I am like “a moon-sun which didn’t listen to any friends” (can be happy and sad at a time without caring the surroundings). After this fortune-telling stuff, we watched our friend Tommy, also with my sister Sophie, and the others, performing on the stage the song “Price Tag”. The other friends whom we told that we have joined the fortune-telling interested in doing the same. The went upstairs to queue for this fortune-telling. We also went to the rooftop of the building. It was a 4-storey building. On the rooftop, we could see the mountains. There, the wind blown very strong. The grand opening stuff ended on 4 pm. I was very tired. They still went to Matador Country to have some more fun; I was told that they were there until 8 pm.

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