2 June 2012

2 June 2012

This day was very fun. I start the day before my alarm clock rang. It was around 6.30am.

Around 8 am, I was at school already, ready for the technical meeting. The first one I met was Andi JS. He was phoning the others. I overheard that they were at XI IA-03. So, I went straight to XI IA-03, meeting Leonard. There was no information at all about where and when is the technical meeting. I wait and wait, walk around the school, sunbathing :P.

Around 8.30, there was information that the technical meeting was at 4th and 5th floor. Me and my friends went there. Confused where is our room, we searched it round and round: 4th floor and then 5th, back to 4th, 5th again. Around 9, the rooms are more well organized now. There was no more confusion now, but the room for “Graphic Design” or “Programming” was not there yet. When we went to the 5th floor again, I went into a vacant room, and said to them that I have a feeling that this will be the room. Not long, Marco & Peter came and stick the “Graphic Design & Programming” label to the door. :) The technical meeting for Graphic Design start first because Peter joins the technical meeting for Chess too. Around 9.30 the technical meeting for Programming starts. 10, I leave the technical meeting to meet Leonard at the “Cepat Tepat” technical meeting first and then rendezvous with Golfin, and Lenny in XI IA-03. Leonard then left us first.

As planned, we went to Leonard’s boarding house first. But, we met Leonard chatting with Robert’s mom (and cannot leave because she keep chatting with him). We “saved” him from her so he can go back to his boarding house to change clothes first. We waited in front of his house. His mom came back, and asked us to come in. We came in and he went down. Then we walked to my house first. It was around 10.30 when we arrived at my home.

Around 11, Lenny left my house to go to her cousin’s house to change clothes. I & Golfin also change clothes. At 11.30, my father came back, fetched us, then went to Lenny’s cousin house to fetch her then drop us at Sun Plaza.

At Sun Plaza, we met JL first. Then we went down to the atrium to see the Sony exhibition. When I came back from the toilet, they were already with Vicky.

We had our lunch at Bakoel Ubud, a restaurant which have a TV showing Tom & Jerry. I ate “Nasi goreng ala kampung“, usual fried rice with usual chicken and an fried egg, and drank “Huru Hara“, a drink which flavoured like passion fruit, lemon, and tea. We also took photos there.

We walked around the plaza. We went to Paperclip, Leonard bought something. We went to Gramedia, I found out that CHIP magazine for this month were not there yet. We went to Breeks to have snacks, and also took photos there. We went to Amazone to have photo at the photobox. It’s 4 and my father fetched us (I, Leonard, Lenny, and Golfin) back at 4.30. My father dropped Leonard at his boarding house, and Lenny at Thamrin Plaza; I & Golfin at my house.

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