Today is Vesak Day, which encompasses the birth, the enlightenment , and the passing of Gautama Buddha. I & my family paid a visit to Setiabudi Temple.

I prayed that may all the beings live happily (Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitahtta). But how? The night before this day, I have suggested some path to make the world better.


I think the most important issue today is the environmental issues.  People tend to live in a calmer way when the environment is clean, and when the weather is cool (not too hot). This way, there will be less conflict around the world, and thus, people live more happily. So, I think we must support Greenpeace, WWF, and Oxfam to make the environment better.


The next issue is education. When people are educated, they tend to live in a peaceful life although they still competing in a good way: they don’t fight physically. When people are at peace, people live more happily. So, I think we must support Wikipedia and its sister project that provide free educational material.


Politics vary across the globe, but they share a same feature: politics control people. When a group of people, who were elected by most people, control all people, it is called democracy. When some group of people make the people at the same status (and control all their life), it is called communism. Democracy tend to make large people larger and small people smaller. Communism tend to make small people large and large people small. Well, I’m a neutral person since I lost my faith in democracy. But the politics done in Wikipedia community seems good enough to be implemented to real life, because in the community, the rules are all neutral. So, it is not good to be too deep in a side. As Buddha suggested, the Middle Way, or in this context, the “neutral” party, is the best. Let’s hope there will be a real neutral party competing in the politics. :)

That’s all for this year on how to improve the world. May all the beings live happily. Thank you.

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