May 2012

Today is 5 May 2012 and almost all of those 5 first days of May was fun, miraculous, and memorable.

The 1st of May is known as May Day; also as Labour’s Day. The day in school was normal, except that we planned to have a lunch together in the Saturday. In the evening of this day, I joined my class’s WhatsApp group.

The 2nd of May was just like the usual one. In the evening, there was a activity in Rainbow School to report a disease. I teamed up with Cindyana to report “Vertigo” to the class; ahh, in this activity our team got the best. It was from this day the telephone line was dead which make my cable-based Internet connection also dead.

In the 3rd of May, I have planned well to watch Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of Sith. It was on this day I was told by Willy Sunjaya that Charlie & I passed the OSK. I went to the administration office in the 6th lesson to find out that in the Computer subject, I got the 3rd rank; Charlie got the 1st; and Chalvin, a Methodist 2 student which I have met before in the Scrabble competition, got the 2nd rank. Well, I got Rp800.000 (there are 6% income tax; nett: Rp752.000), a trophy, and a certificate. That evening gone well, I watched Star Wars without any disturbance from the Internet (because the Internet was dead).

May the 4th is the Star Wars day! May the fourth be with you (May the Force be with you). The biology lab this day was done quite well, we were using microscope after a long time not using that. On this evening, I started doing my Flash project: Angry Birds game; not just a video, it is a game! And because of this, I have used many complicated ActionScripts that the teacher didn’t teach.

The 5th May was fun and tiring. After the school, we (the drama group, minus Eko & Kosen) went to Sun Plaza by Jessica’s car to have a lunch at Seoul Garden. It was fun! We ate until around 3 p.m. and also took many photos.

LTR: Me, Lenny, Edward, Leonard, Vicky, Golfin; between Vicky and Golfin (top to bottom): Jessica, Roselyn

After that we went to Times (a bookstore); and at last to Gramedia (also bookstore). I bought “Mice Cartoon: Obladi Oblada Life Goes On” by Muhammad Misrad (a.k.a. Mice; read: mi-cə).

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