4 July 2012

On this day’s night, I watched the film Armageddon on my laptop. It was about USA got hit by meteor shower, then NASA found out that it was part of an approaching asteroid which could make all form of life on Earth disappear. NASA then suggest that they use the nuclear bomb to break apart the asteroid into 2 pieces so that the motion changed. In order to do that, they have to put the bomb in the core of the asteroid. They have to drill deep inside to do that. They need help. They called for help from an oil drilling owner with his crews. NASA trained them for very short time, with most of all test were failed, but were approved to be astronaut. The flight to the asteroid was disastrous. NASA sent them in 2 shuttle, one got hit by the debris of the asteroid and most of the passenger died. The other one suffered great difficulties in drilling. They drilled until the machine got burst out of the orbit. The president ordered protocol B: to detonate the bomb without drilling. It failed cause the pilot of the shuttle disabled it after long debate with the main character. The other machine from the first shuttle came; they continued it. After finished drilling, before they put in the bombs, debris of the asteroid showered them, damaging the controller for remote detonation. They must leave a person there to detonate. The main character’s rival, also his daughter’s boyfriend, was chosen by drawing straws. In the last minute, the main character made him to go back to the shuttle and him to take care of his daughter. He transmitted a last message with his daughter. They came back to Earth as heroes, in their flight, he detonated the bomb and then boom! No Armageddon was happened. The end.

It was a great film! So scientific, brutal, and disastrous. I can’t accept why they send 2 shuttle instead of only one; cause usually only one. And why they have to refuel on Russian Space Station. Also, I doubt that Russian Space Station was existed.

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