Singapore (day 1)

6 July 2012

I woke up at 4.30 am by using alarm of my phone. The night before, I had 3 alarms at 5-minute interval. The first alarm made me turned on the cellphone, the second one woke me up, and the third one was ignored.

I cleaned myself till 5 am, then had some rest. For breakfast, I had some bread, an boiled egg, and a glass of milk.

It was 6 am, everyone was ready. My neighbour’s chauffeur was hired for a moment to drive us to the airport. Around 6.20 am we’ve checked in to the airport; and when 6.30am, we waited until they called us to board the airplane. Around 7am, they called us in.

I managed to take 1 photo of the airport using my phone then I turned off my phone.

The flight was okay, I’ve been to the lavatory once, which I waited for quite long time before I can use it. I’ve been trying to sleep in that flight, but can’t as the noise is too loud.

At last around 10 am we arrived in Changi Airport, this time at Budget Terminal; a simple terminal, but beautiful in design. We completed the immigration, waited until 11am then ride the shuttle bus to Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

In this hotel, the interior view was very luxurious. There were 3 towers of hotel. We got room 3255: at 32nd floor of 2nd tower. We also got a free internet connection (wired and wifi; but it had a timer of 24 hours; I feared that after it, we had to pay for the internet connection). After we put things in the room, we got out to have lunch in food court of “The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands”. Well, the food there was quite expensive too! I ate Chicken Rice; cost SGD 7 or 8.

We walked around the mall before going back to the hotel. Before entering the hotel, we stopped at Bayfront MRT Station (CE1) to top up the cards.

In the hotel, we rested for a while. I set up my laptop to the wired internet connection. First I checked the speed using, wow, the speed for downlink and uplink was around 5Mbps! For that reason, I uploaded all photos of that day to Facebook.

Until around 5 pm, we walked around in the 57th floor, the Sky Park. Then we went out to Suntec City, by taking bus, it was just a short journey. There my dad wanted to find a place to buy a Singaporean SIM card. At last we found it, but when they asked for passport, we forgot to bring it. After that we ate at the food court, here the price was much cheaper than that of Marina Bay Sands’s. I ate a kind of noodle called “ban mian”, consisting of large portion of thick flat colourless noodle with some vegetables, some pork, and an boiled egg. Then we went to Carrefour to buy some fruits before went back to hotel using MRT.

In the hotel, we cleaned ourselves then have rest; I uploaded the rest of today photos.

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