Singapore (day 4)

9 July 2012

We woke up at 7.15 am by alarm. We cleaned ourselves and had breakfast with Meranti cakes we brought here from Medan while watching Wimbledon’s highlights.

At 9, we went to Vivo City, after some time waiting for the shuttle bus to Sentosa that didn’t come. There we rode Sentosa Express to Sentosa Island, then got in to Universal Studios Singapore and played inside there until 6 pm. I and my sister were bought Universal Express tickets: we could cut the long lines.

First, we went to “Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg” on “Hollywood”, an attraction to feel how the special effects on films happened, here it was a thunderstorm that caused fire in a dock.

Next we went to “Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle” attraction on “Sci-Fi City” through “New York”, it was a ride, which required us to wear 3D glasses as a 3D film was shown in the surroundings of our ride. We also could experience the film as the ride is moving in many ways.

In “Sci-Fi City”, there was 2 roller coaster, we rode “Battlestar Galactica: Human” first, it was very thrilling. When we wanted to ride “Battlestar Galactica: Cylon”, it was under maintenance; we went to the “Revenge of the Mummy” at “Ancient Egypt”, it was an indoor roller coaster which the surroundings were set such as we experience the film, and one thing for sure: it was very dark inside.

When we got out, the “Cylon” was ready to ride; we expressly rode it! Whew, it was more thrilling than the “Human”, we went up, around, and upside down. After this ride, I was told by my dad that my face looked very green.

Next we rode “Treasure Hunters” on “Ancient Egypt”, it was the most untrhilling ride we ever ride. Then we went to “The Lost World”, we wanted to ride “Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure”, but it was closed. Then we rode “Canopy Flyer” which was not so thrilling. It was already around lunch time. We went to lunch at “Discovery Food Court” in the same area. I had Hainamese chicken rice, and drank A&W bottled root beer. This chicken rice was the worst as it was the most expensive ever.

The adventure continued, we went to “Shrek 4D adventure”, this was very crowded, but was nice; well, I can’t get the 3D view very clear though. We went to “Enchanted Airways”, a very small roller-coaster compared to the “Cylon” or “Human”. Next we went to “Madagascar: A Crate Adventure”, it was just a river boat ride on how the Madagascar film did. We were told to wait at the “Penguins Mercantile” as my father, mother, and brother went to ride this using the non-express line. We bought some souvenirs here: I bought a penguin key-strap here. We then took photos together with the statues of the characters of Madagascar; and bought the photo. We went to “Universal Studios Store” to shop more. I bought 4 key-chain, one for Leonard, one for Golfin, one for Lenny, and at last one for me. Phew, we then rested at Sci-Fi City while my mother, father, and brother went to the “Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle”. After they went out, my mother and sister went together to take photos in New York. My father bought me a cup of ice cream made from dots, called “Stardots”

We managed to watched a street dancer performance around 5.30 pm before went out and back to Vivo City. Here, we had a dinner together with my cousins, uncle, and aunt around 6.30 pm. After we enjoyed the view at the sky park, at 8 pm, my brother left us to go back to his “home”. Initially we wanted to ride a bus but then we rode taxi because we have been very tired of waiting the bus; it was already more than 30 minutes since we were at that bus stop. We got back to hotel around 9 pm and rested there.

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