August 2012

11 August 2012

This month has been a very busy month. I’ve been concentrating on the studies of computing olympiad at National Science Olympiad which will be held on 2-7 September 2012 in Jakarta. The headmaster has approved us (the ones who join the National Science Olympiad) not to join the monthly exam (Pekan Bulanan); as long as the homework from the teachers are done correctly.

On 1 August, the Long-Distance Training (Pelatihan Jarak Jauh; PJJ) of the computing olympiad was started. It contains exercises to face the computing olympiad. Well, each person who join computing olympiad got a supervisor. I got Ali Jaya Meilio, who got into the 3rd National Training (Pelatnas 3) for the computing olympiad last year. He told me that there were 5 chapters in this training. Well, the training contains problems and exercises from TOKI Training Gate, which was accessible for anyone who has a membership there.

In 3 days, I just re-submit the solutions for the first 3 chapters. Well, everyone was stuck in the 4th chapter because the grader for 2 of 25 problems there were off. But I am still doing the other problems. Yesterday, in total I have solved 16 out of the 25. I’m still struggling to solve the 9. To this date, there were 20 people who are in the 4th chapter; of which 12 of them have solved them all (except the 2 problems which were problematic)


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