2 September 2012: OSN 2012 (1)

2 September 2012

On this day, I woke up before 7 am, which my alarm rang at 7. After cleaned myself and had breakfast (instant noodle). After all preparations were finished, suddenly my luggage’s code changed unexpectedly. My dad’s do the linear search from 000 to 999, luckily get it at around 500 and changed it back to where it supposed to be. Now it was around 8.45, we were told to get there before 9. Well, I arrived on time, meeting the others, and also the guys from North Sumatra’s Ministry of Education and Culture. They asked us to sign a legal document showing that we received the ticket for the aircraft and the money for the taxi which in reality we didn’t even use any taxi.

Around 10 we were called in to the check-in room, taking some photos, and to waiting room. We boarded the aircraft, which was Garuda Indonesia Airlines. Wow, it was very cool! Every seat was occupied with a touch-sensor monitor. The safety demonstration was screened on it. Also, every seat is provided with a headset. The monitor also provides music, film, books, etc. In this flight, I choose to watch “Assasins” but before finished, I switched to listen to Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto album which makes me very excited that time. The in-flight meal was okay, I got “fish noodle”, with Wall’s ice cream and free drink (a cup of bottled guava). Well, I also use the lavatory at the rear side, as usual, the lavatory was nice, haha.

The song “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart” ended the flight, after the song ended, the monitor was automatically turned off for landing process.

After landed at Terminal 2, we took a photo, which we are told to use the batik that were given that time. Next we picked up our baggage and went out to rendezvous with Bram and Jason. At a bench outside the terminal building, we were told to wait for a bus to take us to our hotel.

Waiting and waiting, I’m very thirsty, I went to A&W after gained permission from the guys from MoEnC  and bought a small-cup of coke.

The bus came, we took the bus, first it stopped at Terminal 1 to pick up another OSN participant from other region. The journey took a long time. My father telephoned me, wow it was around 3 pm already, asking me about my conditions, etc. First the bus stopped at Hotel Kartika, which are for the participant of maths, physics, chemistry, and biology subject; then the bus stopped at Hotel Kaisar which are for the rest (computer, geoscience, economics, and astronomy).

We directly went to the second floor which the re-registration process was held. It took a little wait because the participant of computer subject from Jakarta just arrived and just in front of our queue. Well, the consists of 9 students; while ours just 2. After these things, we were given a room to stay. I got room 639, the same room with Vincent Immanuel, from SMAK BPK Penabur 1 Jakarta; while Peter got room at fourth floor (room 426) with Raja, from Middle Java. (pun: sleep at Hotel Kaisar with Raja; sleep at Caesar Hotel with King; haha)

Then I and Peter went to 7-Eleven to buy stuffs (I bought 2 1,5L-bottle of water). Well, the 7-Eleven is just in the opposite of the hotel. When we went back we met Jason and Bram.

I went back to my room just to find that my roommate wasn’t there, I was told to wait his return at his friend’s room at 637. There I met his friend, Arnold Ardianto, from Kolese Kanisius, Jakarta. Time passed and my roommate found me at 637. I quickly took a bath then went out to met the others at the 2nd floor.

After the quick dinner, I, Peter, and Jason waited for the others at the lobby but they didn’t show up so we went up to search them. In front of the room happened a crazy action by Peter called “Pendekar sandal terbang”: he threw his sandal to the air from one of his foot with his foot and caught the sandal by one hand. He did this to show his angriness to Juliana’s inconsistency: she decided to join with us and then cancelled the joining. Haha, at last she and Vina joined us. We went to 7 Eleven (again). There I met Vincent, Arnold, and their friends paying at the cashier and intended to go back to the hotel. There, I bought Slurpee (small) for the first time; nah… the second time, but this is the first time I did it correctly. Before this, I had bought it in Singapore long time ago, I think it was in December 2006. My brother bought one for himself and my father asked if I wanted one, I agreed and just taken one that was not ready to serve, the result is: the delicious Slurpee was just a regular coke.

After I, Peter, Juliana, and Jason bought what we need, we had a table outside the store. Here we shared many things including our personal feelings about others. We chatted until around 8. We went back to the hotel cause Jason worried about Bram. In the lobby, we continue the sharing. I felt that I wanted to sleep and went back to my room and again, Vincent hasn’t got back. I phoned him but got no answer. After some time I went back to the lobby and find out that Chalvin had joined us. After some time, I found out that 3 of Indonesian IOI 2012 team (TOKI 2012; Irvin, Nathan, Aji, and Cakra; I recalled that Cakra didn’t came) had visited the hotel, Peter went to greet them. Around 9.30 I found out that Vincent had got back and passed us, I told him to wait me at our room.

Around 10, I have arrived at 639. Inside there was Vincent and Arnold. I overheard them talking about Irvin (TOKI 2012) and Sharon Lynn (another participant from Jakarta) ever been in a relationship and Irvin that night had obliged to meet her. Well, after some time Arnold went back to his room accompanied by Vincent, for I had to sleep. Around 11 if I’m not mistaken, I heard Vincent went back to our room and slept.


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