17th birthday

8th October 2012

This day is Monday, started my day on Malibu’s home at 6am. The first song that stuck on my head was The Killers – Runaways. When I turned on my cellphone, I got some SMS greeting my birthday: from Ricky, Lenny, and Alwyn. When I started WhatsApp, I got more: from Devi, Leonard, Eko, Khendry, Nicholas, Roynikko, Josep, Sylvia, Juliana, Robert, and Wilson Tianusa. In the way to the school, my family greeted me.

In the class, the first to greet me was Golfin, followed by Edward, and Jensen. Some came to my place just to greet me, like Devi, Josep, and Vinsensius. When Leonard showed up, he directly came to me and greeted me :) There were many friends who directly greeted me, some of them which I recalled were: Hartono, Claudia, Hendry, Roselyn, Vicky, Winnie, Inez, Steffi, Sylvia, Roy, Ricky, Peter, Heryadi, Nicholas, Jason, Juliana, Cindyana, Charlie, Stella, Lily, Tiffany, and Andy.

On the first recess, I got tricked by Vinsensius: he handed me a printer, which was belonged to HL, our maths teacher. Well, I got somewhat embarrassed because of it.

Well, on the lunch break I got a “surprise” from my friends: they bought me a cake, written on the top was “Happy birthday Penguin”, haha. Also, I was forced to placed the candles myself :P and then were asked to get out from the class and then pretend not to know anything about the cake. The process was somewhat quick. It was done before the group of Vinsensius came back from lunch. They quickly packed the cake into the box and hid it from them.

When I came back from school, it was tuition. There, I was greeted by the teacher, Johan Rusli, also some of my friends: Edwin Jingga, and Herdiyenti Howard.

At home, there was a tradition to take photos with the cakes that were put on the table and we sat in the sofa: each year the view was the same, that’s why I called it tradition. This time, I was photographed with two cakes. Haha, my cake, which was bought yesterday and chosen by me, in my opinion was very nice: chocolate cake covered by chocolate with blueberry and jelly fillings and fruit toppings.

This birthday, generally I hope that may all beings live happily. Specifically, I hope that my families and friends were in good conditions all the time; I can passed the Entrance Examination of NTU/NUS and get a scholarship there, and in the future, I can work in Wikimedia Foundation or Mozilla Foundation. (Well, this is the very-long-term plan) :P Haha

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