UAS and Aftermath

23 March 2013

The last exam of my school was held from last week’s Wednesday until this week’s Thursday. I’m not feeling that this exam is very important any more. Whatever the result is, I do not care any more.

After UAS, on 22nd, I and my friends went out to Nelayan Shanghai Kitchen at Sun Plaza to celebrate Leonard’s 18th birthday which falls on 20 March. The food overall was good with a reasonable price.

Today, I held a mini-programming contest for those who are or used to be a member of Sutomo 1 Programming Club. It was exciting! The purpose is just one: to introduce the programming contest environment to the juniors, which I observe that they didn’t know any contest at all. On the other hand, the seniors, who usually play games in the club, now serious on solving these problems and helping the juniors. Well, Teddy, my senior who now studied in Binus University, suggested that the contest is held every week so there were things to do.

Next week, I plan to give the selected ones a simulation test of OSK 2013. I hope it will go well. Also, for the long-term hope, I hope that Programming Club will be better than ever. :)

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