The Wonder of Science

13 May 2013

On 11 May 2013, our juniors held the event “The Wonder of Science” for the first time. This event was held in our supervision. We just watched and give suggestions for them. It was small but quite crowded as the location plan is better. They chose a small area so it could look crowded. Overall this event was good although some section didn’t do anything wonderful like astronomy: they just showed us Stellarium, aww it’s boring! For my field, actually the juniors must prepare the attraction but this junior is super lazy, he asked me to do it, well in the last week the head of the committee told me to help him, so I accepted his request. Here it is: link. (Warning: works in Firefox only; expect some bugs) It was adapted from the Android and iOS game, “The Hardest Game Ever 2” stage 11. The game was to calculate simple maths with some bugging hand which will cover one of the numbers so you need to calculate and in the same time memorize the numbers.


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