High School Holiday FOREVER

6 May 2013

Three weeks have passed since the National Examination. It’s our high school holiday forever. In these weeks, I’ve done a lot of things.

The first week is spent with friends. We had a trip to Berastagi which was fun but not everyone satisfied.

In the second week, I pushed myself to rebuild pc.t15.org which the first version was written messily. Now I’m currently working on that project, adding more and more features.

To relieve the stress level, I still continuing my journey of the game Kingdom Hearts, which earlier this day I’ve reached the final stage, but I think it will take some time to prepare to fight the final boss.

Every Saturday I go to school to help the programming club students. Although not very effective, at least they had someone to teach. If I leave them alone, they can’t go further because they still need a tutor.

In the third week, I’ve finished my CS188.1x course on edx.org by taking the final exam. The exam was quite hard. When I submit, it was like “cutting a wire in defusing a bomb”. Haha. I got the overall score of 94%. Quite good. Now I’m waiting for the certificate.

This week on Saturday I will join a science fair (The Wonder of Science) which was held by our juniors. Well, the annoying Theddy asked me to do his work. I must because the head of TWoS committee also asked me to help him.

I’m thinking of taking “Introduction to Psychology” on coursera.org as I’m curious about it and I’ve got a plenty of free time.

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