The progress

30 May 2013

May is ending and my projects are stuck. The courses I’m following are going on. I have received edX’s CS188.1x certificate through its website.

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve been spanning around teaching juniors, watching lectures, and watching films. On the last 3 days, I’ve just realised that my hosting site at have suspended me because “malicious script executed/ uploaded”. I don’t know which file causes that, but they have “banned” me. Time to find a new hosting, may be it’s time for a domain name.

On 24 May 2013, I received the note that I’ve passed the National Examination and graduated from the high school. Actually I have taught my juniors in the school, but then relocated to BCGM because of Andi from Sutomo 2 joined the intensive class. When I taught in the school, it seemed didn’t welcome me as the library keeper embarrassed and shooed me from the library. She’s never been a nice person since I’ve seen her.

Talking about library, it was nice because it was well conditioned by the AC-s, and the place is quite quiet. The books there are not very interesting, it was just old books and school text books. Another facility is the free internet-connected computers.

This Saturday, 1 June, I will go to the school again to receive my report card.

Holiday progress

19 May 2013

On this holiday, I got much repetitive work occurring almost every day. Not that it is boring but it was not meaningful.

I’ve done some activities with my friends like badminton (10 May 2013; with Golfin, Charlie, Tommy); and swimming (15 May 2013; with Alwyn, Handoko, Harri, KP, David)

On week 4 of my holiday (13-19 May 2013), I’ve been busy resurrecting my old computer. First, I inspected the files and programs there. Wow, there were some good games that isn’t in the start menu, which files were not deleted during the last time the computer got formatted (the technician just formatted drive C, the files were on drive D; some valuable files were deleted, but some are saved because he moved it to drive D). There were some programs that didn’t run anymore because the registry was reset during the Windows reinstallation. I’m amazed on how some games didn’t depend on registry (or other files that were on drive C). Those games reminded me on my childhood. Take an example: Evil Genius, Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, Civilization III, etc. I moved out some big files to my external hard drive.

After that I attempted to boot the computer using Ubuntu 13.04. Quite hard because the BIOS configuration was not working for booting to flash disk. Well, I managed to find out that I need to boot using CD that were installed some program that will boot the flash disk. When I tried Ubuntu 13.04 there, it was fast. But when I finally installed it, it ran quite slow. I don’t know why.

Besides that, on 18 May 2013 I was called to teach my juniors at the school. Well, I didn’t put much hope on them because when we tested them at the next day, the results were bad. I’m hoping that their rival, which was from Sutomo 2 and Methodist 2 will do the best at OSP and then at OSN so that they will make Competitive Programming in Medan became more prestigious.

19 May 2013, I looked at CodeIgniter after Charlie asked me if I ever used it. I seemed interested in that framework. I need something to make my codes become readable. My current project is making me lazy to code because it was quite messy too. Will I re-do my project? Let’s see.

High School Holiday FOREVER

6 May 2013

Three weeks have passed since the National Examination. It’s our high school holiday forever. In these weeks, I’ve done a lot of things.

The first week is spent with friends. We had a trip to Berastagi which was fun but not everyone satisfied.

In the second week, I pushed myself to rebuild which the first version was written messily. Now I’m currently working on that project, adding more and more features.

To relieve the stress level, I still continuing my journey of the game Kingdom Hearts, which earlier this day I’ve reached the final stage, but I think it will take some time to prepare to fight the final boss.

Every Saturday I go to school to help the programming club students. Although not very effective, at least they had someone to teach. If I leave them alone, they can’t go further because they still need a tutor.

In the third week, I’ve finished my CS188.1x course on by taking the final exam. The exam was quite hard. When I submit, it was like “cutting a wire in defusing a bomb”. Haha. I got the overall score of 94%. Quite good. Now I’m waiting for the certificate.

This week on Saturday I will join a science fair (The Wonder of Science) which was held by our juniors. Well, the annoying Theddy asked me to do his work. I must because the head of TWoS committee also asked me to help him.

I’m thinking of taking “Introduction to Psychology” on as I’m curious about it and I’ve got a plenty of free time.