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30 May 2013

May is ending and my projects are stuck. The courses I’m following are going on. I have received edX’s CS188.1x certificate through its website.

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve been spanning around teaching juniors, watching lectures, and watching films. On the last 3 days, I’ve just realised that my hosting site at have suspended me because “malicious script executed/ uploaded”. I don’t know which file causes that, but they have “banned” me. Time to find a new hosting, may be it’s time for a domain name.

On 24 May 2013, I received the note that I’ve passed the National Examination and graduated from the high school. Actually I have taught my juniors in the school, but then relocated to BCGM because of Andi from Sutomo 2 joined the intensive class. When I taught in the school, it seemed didn’t welcome me as the library keeper embarrassed and shooed me from the library. She’s never been a nice person since I’ve seen her.

Talking about library, it was nice because it was well conditioned by the AC-s, and the place is quite quiet. The books there are not very interesting, it was just old books and school text books. Another facility is the free internet-connected computers.

This Saturday, 1 June, I will go to the school again to receive my report card.

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