ANT Berastagi Trip

22 April 2013

On this day I and my classmates went to Berastagi to enjoy the last moment together. Our departure point was at Jl. Bintang, right in front of the school gate. We departed at 9 am by using 2 buses: a big bus (with capacity around 40 people) and a small one (with capacity around 15 people). I joined the big bus because the demand for the small one is higher.

Arrived at Berastagi around 11am, we had our lunch at Tesalonika 6, a Karo roast pork restaurant. It was my first time eating roasted pork. After lunch, we went to our villa at Villa Berastagi Highland. After settling my things there, I went out for a walk around the complex.

At 3pm, we went together to Taman Alam Lumbini. We walked around the pagoda, then the valley. Before leaving, we took a photo together.

For dinner, we initially wanted to eat at Restoran Asia, but unfortunately it haven’t opened yet. So we were told to spread around and came back at 6.30 pm at that point. I, Leonard, Satria, Golfin, Jensen, Vicky, and JL went to RM Timur to have our dinner.

Back in the villa, we played some board games before at 10 Ferry gave a breifing about Running Ant, a game which will be played on the next day. I’m getting intense. The first game was to line up in front of the villa at 6 am after waking up without alarm clock and taking breakfast.

My team, green team which consists of me, Eko, Jana, Wilson Lius, Andy Darwin, Ricky, Clarice, and Sylvia, have this strategy: Eko will stay awake until 12 and will call Ricky who will stay awake till morning. Then I went to sleep around 10.30 pm.

23 April 2013

Around 2am, I woke up because of a noise. But after I went to the toilet, I went asleep again.  It was at 4.30 am that everyone was woken up by the noise. When I woke up, I was given my breakfast, single piece of bread, but I’m still to sleepy to eat. It was around 5.30 that I ate them.

It was right before 6 that every single group lined up in front of the villa. It was a tie.

The next game was racing with our foot tied up to the other member’s foot. It was a side-by-side walking race. We got the 5th turn. We rehearse ourselves first. It was fun to finish the game.

Next, we have our rest until 11 because the next game was cancelled due to someone sickness. I strolled around the villa. I came across to take photos of Mt. Sinabung. It was rare because usually it was covered by a thick fog. That time, it was very clear.

It was 11. Time for the next game. Our team were told that we won the first place in the previous game. Yay! In this game we were told to merge teams: we merged with White team. The merged teams must cook dishes to be eaten at dinner. We were also given an envelope containing our budget and our time to spend in the market to buy ingredients for the dishes. We decided to make steak. In the market, the committee told us to tie up our hands. I tied up my hands with Mr. Andy Darwin’s. It was funny because there we needed just one piece carrot which everyone is selling at least a kilogram of carrot. After we buy quite many potato, the seller throw in 2 piece of carrot. Then we went back to the bus. Before leaving for lunch, I buy an ice cream. Haha.

We had lunch at Restoran Asia while some others went to other restaurant. After lunch, we went straight to Bukit Kubu to rest in the grass field. At 3 pm sharp, the real game of Running Ant began. Everyone was stuck by a name tag. Everyone task was to remove that name tag. Person without the name tag was considered lost. The last man standing will win the game.

At first our team make an alliance with White and Purple team. Our goal was to eliminate Yellow first, then Red, then Blue. After that, we agreed with White to eliminate Purple if it was just 3 team left. Our strategy, which was given by Ricky, was to play back-to-back and swarm others.

The game starts. We hid behind the buildings. It was intense but no one came. We happened to attack player which are in the protection of the jury because of technical errors like the name tag fell itself. We saw something terrible. Red, Yellow, and Blue teamed up and were together uphill. White and Purple are there but Green are far away. We rushed there but attacked from the side and we lost Ricky. Being disadvantaged downhill, we slowly went uphill. Yeah, from uphill we can saw every movement of the enemy. But it was dangerous because some part was very steep. It was a stalemate, attacks were easily repelled and we were all well defended. Nicholas attacked us but unfortunately the game had to be paused as he fell down and got an injury. The game resumed after a while with some decided not to play any more and the jury told us to just play downhill. We also agreed that all alliance were broken. Green target was Yellow first. But when we were approaching the Yellow, they also approach the other and Blue was in our way, we were being chased by Purple too. We must attack all. I and Andy Darwin faced Tommy from Blue, Tommy and Andy fell but I did not successfully removed his name tag. Tommy’s seem serious that Ferry decided to cancel the game. I felt sorry. Ferry also look very tired and stressed.

After taking photo together, we went back to villa. There we have some rest, some went swimming, and I have a stroll again. This time, I saw Ferry upstairs in wet and red face along with Ricky. He was crying. I left as I did not want to be in their affairs. Around 6, the girls started to cook. But it was predicted that it will not be enough for all. Around 8 we went out to buy some food and return to the villa. I decided to buy roasted fish (again) and ate it with rice. It was a very tiring day.

24 April 2013

I woke up around 7. For breakfast, I had a toast with UltraMilk. All wearing ANT T-shirt, we went to Mikie Holiday Funland that day. It was fun. I rode almost all of the rides. Photos said it all, I’m too tired to describe the rides. Before lunch, I happened to come across a big lizard in the bushes. For lunch, we had fried chicken which was sold there.

Around 3.30, we have some rest at the restaurant. I could feel in my head that I was being shake, rolled, and thrown. The funniest fire was “Dolphin Bay”. It was like riding horse but in a shocking way. Around 4, they started the paint-ball game until 6. They had 3 round in the game. We watched the game from a valley beside the arena which was covered by a net. Nicholas who joined the first round and became spectator in the second round got some paint on his shirt because of the paint shot. Before leaving, we took photos together with the ship and the Funland gate being in the background.

We took some rest before having barbecue beside the swimming pool that night. Some drank “beers” and got “drunk”. It was a nice experience to flutter the grill. It was showering lightly and sometimes stormy. Funny things happened that night. Usually when a flash happened, they counted till they heard the lightning sound. When I took photo with blitz, Khendry counted but there was no lightning sound heard. Haha. Also, that night was very foggy that we thought there was a fire near our villa. I went up to the roof of the villa to find out that it was just street light being refracted by the fog. But for sure, it was very similar. Haha. When I wanted to go in to my room, Leonard prohibited me saying that I may not in because they were discussing something important. Okay then, I left them to join the barbecue again. It was near 1 am. It was getting quieter and quieter. Then we decided that it was over. We cleaned the place until around 1.30 am. Then I went straight to sleep.

25 April 2013

I woke up at 8 am. For breakfast, I had my own SariRoti bread with UltraMilk. Around 9, I went  for a walk and then sat at a swing to enjoy the nature. I couldn’t do that in Medan: listening to the birds chirping, feeling the fresh air, and looking at the green grass and blue sky.  It was quite long. I had my phone played some songs. Roy and Vinsensius joined me talking little things. Some others cooked breakfast and even lunch with the leftovers.

Around 12 we went to RM Siang Malam then to the market and villa then went back to Medan but before going there, we had a problem: the chauffeur didn’t want to go to all those places because he said that the fuel didn’t enough for all those journeys. Okay then, we quickly packed our things and just went to RM Siang Malam to have our lunch. It was a small restaurant. We all ate in here. They cooked very slow that we had our lunch at 3 pm. Others who had finished their lunch went to the market.

At last at 4.30 pm we started  to leave Berastagi. On the journey home, I slept for a while. We arrived at Yanglim Plaza at 7pm. Some had dinner there, others (including me) went straight home.

Although there were many obstacles, this journey was really tiring and really fun.

“You must know that not every event will run smoothly like the plan” – Vinsensius when talking to I & Roy at the swing.

“I thought that we were all nice together” –Alvin commenting on quarrel of some people

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