Prom Nite

20 April 2013

This day, my school student organization held a prom night for us at Selecta Building. It was a great night.

I arrived at Selecta around 18.00. I went up to the party hall at the 5th floor. There were still very few sign of life. I went to the tables which my classmates reserved for us. I just sat and waited and waited till the time come. I found out that Leonard has gone sick but still came because he wanted to perform that night.

The room is more and more crowded. At 1930, the performance started. The first was by “Superheroes”. They sang “Graduation” before started to sing and dance like HSM film. Next was the school choir sand some traditional songs.

The committee head gave speech. Our headmaster also gave a speech. He told us to keep our school name good, also to continue our study to higher level. Wira, representing the students, gave a speech. He expressed gratitude to the teachers.

“I Knew You’re Trouble”was sung, a ballerina performed, and 2 alumni sang. “Wedding Bell” using guitar and violin was played too. SPY class performed a dance. There was “3 voices 1 song” sung by Jessica Bella and her friends.

Then there were some song played. I’m amazed with “Jetlag”, the drummer hands were very fast when the beat was quick.

“Jasa Guru” was played, we gave flowers to teachers. I gave it to Mr. Sinardi. After a clip, our class performed “Don’t Stop Believing”. Then the committees gave award to the sponsors.

Wow! “Wind of Change” was sung. It was my favourite Scorpions-song. After a stand up comedy which was quite funny, Champagne class performed “A Night to Remember”

Finally, the teachers lined up in the stage and we were told to shake hand with them and expressed our gratitude to them.

Thank you for the night.

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