National Examination

15-18 April 2013

On these days, the nation held a national examination (known as Ujian Nasional, UN) for senior high school students. Everyone knew that this year’s exam was not quite successful as there were many cases that make students difficult such as the late delivery of the question paper, the thin answer sheet, etc. In my school, luckily the exam went well. On the third day when we were supposed to have maths exam, the class opposite to my class initially got the question paper for biology exam. Quickly our school committee reacted to ask for additional question paper from each class. In the question paper packet, there were 20 question paper for 20 students and 1 additional question paper in case of erroneous paper printed.

Overall, I did it honestly without cheating although I think I make the worst in biology. I admit that I help other friends in the exam but the invigilators didn’t reacted at all. The invigilators are from other schools such as SMA Negeri 10, SMA Hang Kesturi, and SMA Wiyata Dharma; I knew it from their ID card which was pinned in their shirt.

Hope we all passed the examination and entered a higher level of education.

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