The last day of school

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Today is the last day of my high school times, also the last day of secondary education.

Early in the morning, I woke up around 5.50 am, because my alarm haven’t rung yet, I went back to sleep. 6.09 am, my alarm rang. After I did the usual things, I went to school just bringing books of National Examination questions, and class-shirt and jackets.

I arrived early, just after 7.00 that I already occupied my seat in the class. Being lazy, I played MouseHunt for a while before opening books.

Physics was the first lesson. Mr. Manaek, our Physics teacher, also our form teacher, told us that we should hang our dreams just a span above the head so we could reach it easily, not like other people sayings that told us to hand our dreams as high as the stars. He said that stars are very very far and hence unreachable. Then he distributed our National Exam ID cards before we took photos ourselves and with him.

Time for the first break. Our class attempt to do parade around the school were condemned by Ms Bertha who was at that time passed by our class.

Physics was followed by Civics that day. Things was just normal: we studied by ourselves (although most of the time was just playing and taking photos) Haha

In the second break, there were some who do parade around the school. I, Leonard, Lenny, Edward, Jessica L., and Vicky took photos in the small garden.

Next lesson was History, the teacher didn’t come. Instead, a replacement teacher was in for him. We continue our activities. Some people start a little discussion at the back. Maybe sharing experience in the class. I saw some of them drop a tear.

Chemistry was a little bit different. Mr. Andy, the chemistry teacher, discussed some questions before taking photos with us, which was a rare event, he usually refuses our requests but this time he accepts ours.

Math teacher, Mr. HL, was sick. He is said that he got a liver cancer which was incurable and was currently hospitalized in Singapore. Hope he can get well soon. In this lesson, some people gathered together to have a big discussion at the back. There is just a little who didn’t want to join them, including me.

Lunchtime! I ate my lunch, which was vegetarian because it is vegetarian day, quickly. After that, I, Leonard, Lenny, Edward, Jessica L., and Vicky take photos around the school.

Biology lesson, the last lesson in schooltime. Dr. Sunario was late, as usual. He started the lesson by a praying. Then, we requested to do a big sharing session. In the process of arranging the chairs, many of us took photos with him. He shared his experience as a doctor: a doctor must be ready everyday, and will not be rich; study is very important; and praying is important too. After that, Claudia shared her complaints about someone, she just wanted that people respect everyone’s opinion. Last, Jennifer shared her thoughts about Mr. HL. She used to hate him very much as she disliked his methods of “leaking” the exam questions before the exam. It is a common secret that Mr. HL is leaking the exam questions to ones who have a private tuition with him. She said that after Mr. HL was this sick, she felt very sorry about her doings. She said that we should forgive people before it is too late. Yeah, peace is very beautiful and war was nice just in films and games. After that, she said that we should only remember each person’s kindness so we could be happy when we met him/her  in the future. After that, she sang a song and shaking hands with others; and the lesson was closed by a praying by Dr. Sunario. We didn’t forget to take photos with him before we went home.

Before I went home, I said goodbye to some people, I also hugged some people. Many people hugged me at a time that it’s hard for me to breathe. I also participated in the yell-yell for the last time.

In the way to the exit, Lenny accompanied me and before leaving, I said good bye to her.

This is the end of the story of school. May we become what we want in the future.

My posts may be very erroneous in grammar and/or structure and I apologize for that.

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