2nd last

24 July 2013

Last week (14-20 July) was the 2nd last week for me being in Medan before going to Singapore to start my university life. It was a busy and fun week. Overall, I was busy with LM2 stuff.

On Wednesday, I, Golfin, Peter, Andy Darwin, Tommy, and Charlie went out to play badminton. It was the first time 6 of 7 members of the Mousehunt team went out together. This was quite tiring.

On Thursday, the sad news came, my class’s form teacher, Mr. Manaek Nababan, passed away.

On Friday, I was busy with LM2 and I can say that I have finish it (and uploaded it to the web) that day.

On Saturday, I, Leonard, Golfin, Lenny, JL, Roselyn, and Vicky went out to Sun Plaza (again), this time it was really the last time before one by one each of us went to other region to start university life. We visited Amazon, played Pump together, ate at Steak 21, then at Sushi Tei, next we went back to Amazon to have fun again at the karaoke.

I think that I should stop my KH2 FM+ progress at the time before fighting Roxas at The World that Never Was, maybe I can continue it next time I went back to Medan.


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