Last week on Medan

24 July 2013

This week I was quite busy in tidying my stuffs. It was so many and yet so nostalgic to see each of these things. This morning, I found my scratch notes about a game series, it was messy but I think that I was used to be very creative and lazy at school. In my young ages (ah, why I talked like I’m very old), I liked to draw all the roads with details like the cables and the road lines. In that notes, I found that I ever draw a fence with a label: “Wooden fence, not easy to break”. It was just strange to see that I’ve ever been that strange.

This week, the long-range training (Pelatihan Jarak Jauh, PJJ) for the 2013 National Science Olympiad (OSN) in Informatics has started. This time, I served as the supervisor for William Perdana Kwandou from Makassar, Agus Sentosa Hermawan from Surabaya, and Febrian Wilson from Jambi. I hope that they got trained well and won a medal at OSN so they can get a better learning at Pelatnas.

This week also serves as my last week on Medan before going to Singapore to start my university life. Wish me luck there. Tomorrow, 25 July 2013, Medan International Airport will be operating at Kuala Namu.It was far from Medan, but it was multiple times bigger than the current Polonia Airport. I will be departing from this airport at 29 July. Hope that it will be just like my expectations.


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