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13 July 2013

This was the story of me building the website of my class, ANT.

It was end-2012, I have things to do but I need some refreshments, I’m tired of working at LM. I started an idea to create a website for my class. One day after another, it came to testing phase, I showed this project to the class monitor. If he granted me permission, I will finish this project. I was granted the permission and by the end of 2012, I somewhat finished that project. It was quite simple news website: add post, edit post, delete post, manage post, with some enhancements like tagging post as sticky post or announcement.

Usually when near exam period, we shared our resources via a Dropbox account, which was initially created by Wilson Tianusa. Curious of everything, I tried to search if I can access the Dropbox account of my class via the website. After some searching, some experiments, and some modifications, it was done! Out of my expectations, to just access it, users do not need to know the username and password of the Dropbox account. Usually we share the files via shortlinks, because some are shared via SMS and Twitter. Curious again, I searched and found Bitly API which I can utilize to generate shortlinks of every folder and files. Because they are all resource heavy, I decided to restrict them to registered users with sufficient roles.

But it did not lasts, the login/logout system was not quite well when we face our last school exam (UAS). After some complaints, I removed the code that required registered users to access Dropbox.

Just like expectations, this project was short-lived, it was busy when it was on exam period. Between them, maybe it was busy when we uploaded something new and we notified peoples that we did that. Overall, I was happy with this project: we can share our resources freely.


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