Busy week

10 July 2013

This half-week has been a busy week.

On Monday, I did coding (almost) full-time, from morning till night. The results? My LM2 project is almost as functional as the first LM project. I haven’t implemented “Forgot password”, “Edit password”, “news”-things, “comments/discussions via Disqus”, “manage user”, and “delete/ban user” features. Looks like quite a lot, but I will try to finish them by 20 July. Go! Go! Go!

My progress on Kingdom Hearts 2 FM+ has been slow down by the increasing LM2 coding spirit. Now, I have completed Agrabah and will revisit Halloween/Christmas Town.

This week too I have encounter wmflabs and got an idea to host my POTD selection tool there. It was complicated: not just upload things like normal web hosting services. Instead, it was connect to their server via shell (which was another program on my Windows machine, called putty and winscp). I got help from a guy working at WMF because I contacted him via email about my problem. The problem was just recently resolved because I reached out WikimediaLabs IRC channel and a guy called “Petrb” helped me figure out what is the problem. Now it was all up and running at tools.wmflabs.org/idwiki-gpu

Today, I went out to hang out with my friends (Leonard, Golfin, Edward, Lenny, Roselyn, Vicky and Jessica) at Sun Plaza. It may be our last time hanging out together, maybe the next ones will be called reunion.

On entertainment, I have re-watched Detective Conan Movie 6: The Phantom of Baker Streets, which have a good story but quite bad at the clarity of the images, maybe because it was produced long time ago.

Overall, this half-week was very fun.

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