EXVORIA: The Adventure Begins

11 August 2013

This week, PINTU organized an orientation camp called “Get Together Day” titled “EXVORIA: The Adventure Begins”. It was very tiring yet very fun!

This camp run on a story at a place called Exvoria. Long time ago, three classes (Assassins, Hunters, and Pirates) lived together in peace at Exvoria, but it all changed when another class called Warlocks, attacked. The three classes then lived separately outside Exvoria, waiting the right time to reclaim Exvoria. This camp acted as a soldier recruitment camp to attack the Warlocks. The camp was attended by 3 classes each consisting of 2 groups (orientation group). My group was called “Kelilingjengking” from “Assassins” class led by Dillon & Felicia.

The first meeting of this group was on 5 August. This meeting we played games that made us remember the faces & names of the members, and introduced us to the cheers that will be used at the camp. Next meeting was 6 August, this time we brainstormed ideas and did some practice of junior performance. We also got introduced to the mass dance.

The first day of GTD was 7 August. We went to Sentosa Island to play games while doing side-quest like taking photos in a fountain. The games were spread across the island and we were given riddles to direct us to the place where the games were held. This was a very tiring day as we played games under bright and hot sun. There were 3 games that 2 groups compete each other, and the overall score was based on points gained at each games. After the games, we went to Vivo City mall to have a dinner together with our sister group (at Assassins class) named “Salamondarmandir”.

On 8 August, I woke up quite late and this day was the day we finalize our ideas of junior performance. The meeting started after we had lunch at 12 pm, but we had trouble in finding place to meet. At last, we went to N4 building rooftop to rehearse. The time was 2 pm and after some considerations, we scrapped the ideas which was agreed on 6 August. We then came up with the idea of using well-known story and then combine it with GTD theme. Then we rehearsed and rehearsed until 6 pm before we went to have dinner together. Laziness struck but we successfully rehearsed one last time at the space in front of LT2A.

On 9 August, we met at HSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences) Foyer around 8 am. We played one game there before doing “the amazing race” around Singapore. There were games at Marina Barrage, Old Airport Road Hawker Center, Fort Canning Park, and HortPark. After all of those tiring games, we went to MOE Dairy Farm, the place where we will live for 3 days, this place served as the military training camp. After settling things, it was revealed that the camp was surrounded by warlocks and our class masters were kidnapped. Then we were told to go through “scary things” at the forest around that farm. We were grouped into small groups (like 5-6 person per group) and then each group went through the path set and got scared by the committees. At first, was quite scary, but next it was just unreal as I can identify who the “ghost” was, e.g. Kornel, with his funny face, no one scared at him. The aftermath was quite good: the senior accompanied us to our room and asked us many things, that way, one can relieved the “trauma” by speaking out what they experienced. Around 2.30 am, we went to sleep.

On 10 August, we went to an open grass field near the farm to play many games. Like the beach, it was hot and sunny. This time, there were 2 games that we competes with each other (6 groups competes each other). Our last game (of the first part) was dodge-ball, at first, we lost the first round; but at the second round we won and overall we won the game (score is based on time the opponent have at least one player in the circle). The next part was a “war” with each other competing to “rescue” the class master which was kidnapped by the warlocks. But in the end, we were told that we were tricked to fight each other and we must be one to fight the warlocks. The very last game was like tower defence, but we act as the attacker: take a lighted candle to burn a rope but defended by 3 or more people. It was very fun, everyone was like have a common enemy and united as one to fight the warlocks. We successfully done that and we take photos together before going back to the farm to prepare for the junior performance.

Next was junior performance, our group perform the story of Cinderella, mixed with the theme of GTD. Long time ago, after Exvoria was claimed by warlocks, the king and prince of warlock will throw a party. In the part of the country, lived Shiti (or maybe can be written as Shitty; we don’t use scripts for this drama), with her step-mother and step-sisters. They got invited to the party by the invitation which was sent by “shit”. Shiti who couldn’t go to the party got a helping hand by a fairy-godfather. The prince got an eye for Shiti and the Assassins led by Prince Assassins raided the party. The raid killed the king and prince warlocks and Exvoria was reclaimed. The king of warlocks got killed by the slippers of Shiti who threw it because of panic. Got charmed by Prince Assassins, Shiti then lived happily ever after with Prince Assassins. We performed quite well, but the sound system was quite not good as our voices can be hardly heard.

After the junior performances, there were closing drama by the main committees; GTD award (which we won 3 out of 7, yeay!); reflection of GTD; and lastly GTD mass dance. After that, we took photos together and went back to our room. In the room we all shared our experience of GTD. I was very grateful to join a group like this which was fun and united.

Thank you to all the committees, group leaders, seniors, and group members for everything.

The adventure did not end here, it is just starting, the adventure at NTU is just starting.

EXVORIA: The Adventure Begins

Awards and group-photo

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