Revision week and exam!

27 April 2014

This week is called revision week, no classes, intended for revising studies for the upcoming exams. Friday marks the start of the final examination of my semester 2.

On Monday, I went to find Dr. Jason Teo to ask for tutorial solutions of CZ1006, which exam was held that Friday. After that, I went to south spine to submit my group’s project report on EE8087 Living with Mathematics. Quickly after that, I went to Business Library to find a book referred by ANU, it was “The Evolution of God” by Robert Wright. Walao, it was a thick one; but I borrow it anyway, for reading after exam. Going back to my room, I started my revision (forgot which one). At the night, I got a pull request (at GitHub, krinkle/intuition) approved, yay! This is the second time I submitted a pull request and got approved.

On Tuesday till Thursday, most of my time were spent on revising exams. I even did not step out of Hall 11, specifically I went out only because I went to Canteen 11 for lunch and dinner. Many times I got distracted on many things, such as Facebook, MouseHunt, installing Ubuntu, reading Hacker News (, and the list goes on. But, my exam preparation seems fine and still on track.

On Friday, my first exam (it was on CZ1006 Computer Organization and Architecture) started on 1430 and I and my friends gathered for lunch at Canteen 1 first before going to the exam venue, on Exam Hall F at SRC. I was quite scared after blanking some parts of the first 2 questions, which also was time-consuming. Hopefully question 3 and 4 was manageable although I also got some parts which I’m unsure (but lower marks than those in front); and at the second attempt of doing the blank parts, luckily I can filled them up. After exam, as usual, there was some discussions about the exam questions, and I think that I got some parts wrong, but it’s okay :) At night, after some attempts on installing and fixing things, finally I can dual-boot my laptop on Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. During the night, I also started to revise on CZ0001 (although it was still quite far from complete).

On Saturday, I was told to quickly buy tickets of 2NE1 concert at 10:00am online, but I managed to do laundry first and I still got some time before 1000. With my experience in STARS “wars”, I managed to buy the tickets at 10:01am. :) The concert itself will be held on the night of 28 June 2014 (which on the day and afternoon, I will join Awaken Challenge 2014) :P The rest of Saturday was not so productive in terms of exam preparations as I got distracted on the newly installed OS. After reading about Groovebasin on Wednesday, I spend some hours on compiling the source codes (and the source codes of its dependencies, which also depends on some other programs which all are only available as source codes) and successfully set up a local copy of Groovebasin, which basically is a music player that can be controlled through a web application, and the music plays on the Terminal, and can be streamed on browsers. This day, I managed to finish only one PYP which was on BU8201. At the night, I was again distracted by TOKI Open Contest April 2014 which was very fun! There are 6 problems, initially, and increased to 7, just around 15 minutes before the end of the contest. The contest featured me on #1 spot of the scoreboard at some points (I rarely be in #1 spot :P) in the contest before being caught up and “defeated” by others.

On Sunday, basically I got focused on revising and discussing Business Finance the whole day. It was such a productive and distraction-free day. Yay! :) By the way, this day is my sister’s birthday. Happy birthday Sophie :)

Next week, I will have 3 exams. One on Monday evening (BU8201) and two on Wednesday afternoon (CZ1007) till evening (EE8087). I wish I could do well on all the exams :)


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