Exam Week (1)

4 May 2014

May the Fourth be with you! (May the Force be with you!) Happy Star Wars day! This week I had 3 exams where the first one was held on Monday; and the other two were held on Wednesday. And like the previous week: I spent most of my time inside my room, “studying” (study, and then get distracted by other things, and then back to study again).

On Monday evening, I had exam on BU8201 Business Finance, which hopefully, I did well. Although my dinner after the exam turned out to be quite bad: I had this “Thunder Tea Rice” at Canteen 1, which tastes very weird. Whereas on Wednesday afternoon, I had exam on CZ1007, Data Structure, which I thought I did well too although it used up almost all of my brain juice. And then I had 2 hours of free time before the next exam, I did not bring my notes so I can’t revise. I just somehow killed time until the next exam on EE8087 Living with Mathematics, which turned out to be satisfactory. Yes, I hope I get that grade (Satisfactory) because I S/U-ed it. This was because, although I was able to answer all of the questions, I did not sure of my correctness and because of the group project which took a large portion of the grading (50%), which I think our group did not do well compared to other groups. After this exam, it was the end of the exam, for that week; and lesson learned: taking 2 exams on the same day will make you very tired.

On Tuesday afternoon, I had to work to cover my friend’s time slot at One Stop @ SAC, which was okay for me, I can work while studying; although most of the time the work-study was interrupted by those asking “where to submit MC” and “how to submit MC”. Hey, this is IT Support Helpdesk, and how do we know such thing?

On Friday afternoon, I worked again at my normal time slot at LWN Library. Although I planned to study during the work, I can’t. Just can’t. I somehow too lazy to study there and decided to play games and read articles. Maybe because my next exam was still quite far (in reality, no).

On Saturday, I had my routine of breakfast-laundry-room cleaning routine done again. That morning, I started and finished the final assignment of Buddhism and Modern Psychology course on Coursera. Well, after lunch, I found some “productivity” tool and I think it was quite effective in boosting up my willingness to study and not getting distracted. Quickly done, at the evening, I started the course CS169.1x Software as a Service on edx, offered by UC Berkeley, which last year I’ve attempted but failed because I stopped in the middle of the course.

I will had my 5th exam tomorrow on CM8001 Impact of Chemistry on Society, which is a Pass-Fail module now. And followed up by CZ0001 Engineers and Society on Wednesday (which I think will be the heaviest, yet hardest, subject of this exam) and CZ1008 Engineering Mathematics on Thursday. Hope that I can do well on those exams! :)

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