July 2014 (1)

13 July 2014

This week is my first week in Singapore and I think that I’ve done a lot of things this week, especially part-time work and CNS stuffs.

On Monday, I had a ad hoc duty on CITS General Office early at 9am. I was supposed to help people borrowing keys of NTU’s server room. But many other type of help happened, and I’m blur on these things. Later after I had my lunch, I went straight to Jurong Point, where I hoped that my phone’s screen to be replaced. Back on 12 June 2014, around 3 pm (Eastern Time), at the walkway in front of United Nations Headquarter in New York City, I dropped my phone and the screen hit the concrete walkway first, and it cracked. I kept on using it for nearly a month as I need to be in Singapore for it to be repaired. And now I’m in Singapore that I can finally send it to Nokia for a repair. At Nokia Care at Jurong Point, they refused to collect the phone for repair as it cannot be repaired under warranty and I need to go to Nokia Care at Vivo City. Well, since I got plenty of time that day, I went there, and I got “lost” since the mall directory did not list Nokia Care. I had to search it on the Internet before I can find out where it is. The Nokia Care Centre itself was uncrowded, and I had my phone collected for a repair, which will took between 2 to 5 days to complete. The day ended with me watching more Avatar: The Legend of Aang.

On Tuesday, I called Fulco Leasing if we can book a van later for CNS. Well, they had vans available for booking at a reasonable price. It was just perfect, except their place was very far from NTU. But we had no choice but to take this one as the others were either very expensive or not available for booking. After my evening slot of CITS, I went to NTUBS Cabinet with Ivan to check the stuffs for CNS. Then, mostly I spent my time continuing Avatar: The Legend of Aang.

On Wednesday, I did my laundry and went out in the afternoon, accompanying Long Khor to a T-Shirt Printing company. And due to a lot of free time this day, I finished the series Avatar: The Legend of Aang.

On Thursday, I had an afternoon slot ad hoc duty at CITS General Office. After the work and an early dinner, I went to Vivo City to collect my phone (and pay for the repair). Then when I’m back at my room, I spent the rest of the night watching The Legend of Korra book 1.

On Friday, I woke up early in the morning for meeting Neilson and then went together to Fulco Leasing far around Mac Pherson and Eunos for settling the van booking. After that I managed to went back to my room for lunch before I received an email stating that my request from NTU Library for old newspapers for CNS use was available for collection at LWN Library. I and Robert went there and collect the stuffs we need. He then stayed at LWN doing something while I had a duty at CITS at LWN Library. We quite had a hard time moving the newspapers back to my room. And I’m back in my room, finishing The Legend of Korra book 1.

On Saturday, the logistic team of CNS 2014 went out for buying stuffs! We gathered at Nanyang House first, checking the stuffs while confirming them with Robert. After a lunch, we went out to Pioneer MRT Station, where we looked out for some unique stuffs such as flag pole and white cloth for flag. But no luck, we can’t carry the flag pole around after that; and they did not sell white cloth. We went to Jurong Point where we bought many stuffs at Fairprice, and some other stuffs at the shops there. And we ended the “search & buy” mission with having ice cendol at Malaysia Boleh. Then we went to Pioneer MRT Station, bought flag poles and went back. Arriving in my room, I was quite surprised by the presence of HW’s family. :) I then did some Logistic stuff before starting to watch new episodes of The Legend of Korra. I ended the day with continuing playing Portal 2.

On Sunday, I went to Buddhist Fellowship Sunday Service, which talked about the eight worldly conditions, and things that related to them. After that I went back to JP and searched around for: plastic ball, styrofoam lunch box, and white cloth. I then went to Sheng Siong for the first time to desperately searching but can only found styrofoam lunch box. Well, for the white cloth, I asked help from GLs to find it. Back in my room, I was tired and had a nap before going for dinner together with Jefferson and later joined by Robert. We then went to my room preparing stuffs, while chit-chatting. Then I continued playing Portal 2 before  intoxicated by starting watching The Big Bang Theory.

This week had been a fruitful one. I felt doing a lot of things this week and looked ahead for a better week. :)

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