July 2014 (2)

21 July 2014

This week is the 2nd week before CNS 2014. I started the week with a relaxing pace but it ended with a such busy and tiring one as in Saturday and Sunday, the committees had a trial camp of CNS 2014 from morning till night.

On Monday, I had nothing much to do as I’m just continuing playing Portal 2 until the end of the Single Player Campaign. Then I did patrolling for some times at Indonesian Wikipedia and end up redoing the translation and adaptation of Twinkle for Indonesian Wikipedia.

On Tuesday, most of the times are spent on various things such as inputting data to kawalpemilu.org, which someone added me into their group and I’m just helping them do their things. At night, I attended NTUBS Resource “unofficial” meeting at Ivan’s room where we mostly discussed about the library: instead of putting so much effort in the library, just let the library be there, untouched, and do other more important things. Finally after the meeting, we went for playing futsal at SRC.

On Wednesday, I met with Ng Yong Sing at SAC where he talked about me helping him making his ideas into reality and into a business. Well, I’m not sure I can do that but I’d say I’ll try. After a lunch and KFC, I left and took a nap. Next, I quickly prepares for the CNS 4th GM and attend it later at 8pm. The meeting was not long and we’re expecting another meeting next week for finalize the microplan.

On Thursday, I had a full day part-time job at CITS General Office. Although most of the day was just sitting, browsing Facebook, and other unimportant stuffs, there are some weird stuffs that is unexpected from being here, like signing for packet delivery, finding someone from the office, and borrow/return of server room keys.

On Friday, CNS programmers came to my room in the morning for moving the stuffs to Ivan’s room, but unfortunately we can’t get into his room and then we put the stuffs at Long Khor’s room temporarily. Then we went to the TV Lounge for discussing the games, where I observe that some of the discussions end in no conclusion and very time consuming. After lunch, I left for part-time work at CITS at LWN Library. After finished the relaxing work, I came back to Canteen 2 continuing the work in CNS. Then when we moved stuffs to Ivan’s room, the Logistic team seems to be doing nothing as the programmers just choosing their own stuffs for their own games and we were just for asking “where is item X”. Bored, I and Ivan went playing FIFA :P

On Saturday, the trial camp started early at 8am. There we tested the opening ceremony, which were quite fail one. Then it continued with Ice Breaking game and Mass Dance, and finally feedback session before lunch. After lunch, we had Amazing Race spread out across NTU. But unluckily I, helped by Ivan and Chun Hee, need to move some game stuffs to Concourse B. When we arrived there, no one is there yet since they need it for the 5th station. Around 3pm, we went joining the game again as the programmers have came. Then after the tiring amazing race, we went back to NYH for Temple Rule Briefing, Temple Tour, and Buddhist Etiquette and then for feedback session before having dinner together at Canteen 2. After dinner, we had a quite long waiting time before starting the Night Games which we messed up as we got unclear clue and skipped out some stations. Finally, we were told the routes that we were expected to go and then finally a feedback session and we went back.

On Sunday, it also started early at 8am. First, we had a stretching exercise and then rehearse the opening ceremony. Next we tried a Balloon Game which took some time for preparation before going to Team Bonding Game. After a lunch, we had a feedback session and then starting the wet games which took quite a long time for preparations while the participant were also preparing water bombs. The Wet Games itself were not so fun besides the wet part. Continuing to Mass Final Games, the 2 groups were “fighting” each other without knowing the real goal of the game. And finally at the part 2 of the Games, the participants were fighting the programmers, which ended in a quite weird way. After a shower, (a match of FIFA,) and dinner, we went back to NYH for feedback session which took quite long. And finally, the stuffs were really messy and we put them to Chin Bing’s room as Ivan will be moving room the next day and as Chin Bing’s room is nearer to the place where we depart from NTU at the real camp.

The weekends were so much tiring, and the entropy of the logistics increases a lot, which makes me should put more energy in lowering the messiness. Next week I shall move out to a new room at Hall 4 and marks the end of my stay at Hall 11. I’ll definitely miss this room so much: near to pantry, near to toilet, near to laundry and TV Lounge, and the best part is NTU Wifi is available at my room. :)


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