Week 2, Semester 4: Skipping Classes Already :P

after28 January 2015

Every night since Sunday, I was so tired and busy that only today I have the chance to be able to write this. *excuse*

So last week I was quite chill although I started to skip classes already.

On Monday, I attended CZ3001 lecture, which I was late for 5 minutes but the lecturer was still spending time on the slide where he ended last lecture. I then went to LWN Library being alone. I felt it nice to be alone inside library listening to Coldplay songs and browsing the net. CZ2007 lecture was nice as the content, delivery, and notes were just nicely done. After that, I went to CM8003 lecture where the lecturer continued telling stories about alchemy. I found this lecture not that boring though as it was packed with some interesting trivia. I then skipped CZ3005 as I had to meet HH at NYH for the NAAT checking the inventory of NTUBS. Well, they helped to count the number of the current T-Shirts by size :) After that I went back and joined USACO January 2015 Contest. It was not hard at all: everything can be done by brute force, only at the 2nd problem I stuck a bit during the implementation.

On Tuesday I went for CZ2006 lecture and it was still abstract as ever. I think the lecturer need to give more example to relate the lecture content with what was delivered. Since there were no classes until 1730, I went back and did various things that I forgotten. At evening, I went for CZ3001 tutorial which was very slow. Next I had dinner and went to TR15 for CNS 2015 Coordi Recruitment to wait for the interview to finish (while I did my URECA poster, etc) and went together to surprise Thao for her birthday. Well, she was surprised :) After the surprise, we went to Andy’s hall to make hama beads after having supper.

On Wednesday, I had my first tutorial on CZ2006 Software Engineering which was held in TR+58 at N2 (where I went there for the first time) in which I think the tutor was too loud and too “explosive” (too much walk around and too much “okay” too :P ) although content-wise and delivery-wise he is a good one. After this tutorial, I went for my first lab on CZ3001 Advanced Computer Architecture. I met Verilog again. The lab manual was 20 pages thick! But nevertheless, it was repetitive and no need to go through all of them to finish the lab. It was quite simple, just edit the Verilog code, “compile”, take note of numbers from the auto-generated report, and finally plot the graph. After lunch, I went for CZ0002 Green Computing lecture again which was damn long and boring. And finally to end the day, I had my very early dinner and went for the BU8401 Management Decision Tools class which was content-heavy. After that I went back and revise my URECA poster and started to patrol on Wikipedia again.

On Thursday, my day started early because I rushed to Google Singapore’s office (near Downtown Station of Downtown Line, although I walked from Raffles Place Station because taking DTL need train transfer twice and it was not far from Raffles Place Station). There I joined the career talk which focused on online marketer and hence I did not find it as interesting as the career talk last semester which they held in NTU for recruiting software engineers. Nevertheless, in this session, we were given tour around the office which was just amazing. (and I observe that most of them uses Macbook) They also said that there were only positions for marketers, finance, and business in their Singapore office (and hence if we wanted to do Software Engineering, we need to apply for their oversea office). Nevertheless, I went back around 1230 and reached NTU at 1340, attending the “chill” CZ3005 class (after skipping CZ2006 and CZ2007). After this class, I also attended the CM8003 2-hour lecture. After I went back for a rest, I went to do my part-time job for CITS at SSLP. As there were very few people, I watched my lecture recordings here.

On Friday, I went for CITS cover duty at LWN Library. After being told of the existence of stream.wikimedia.org, a websocket server to serve a streaming real-time data, I just went to edit my implementation of Raun by removing completely Server-Sent Events and introduced socket.io connection to that server to stream the recent-changes data. Finally it was really real-time data. In the afternoon, I skipped the only lecture of the day because I haven’t caught up (since I missed the previous lecture and haven’t watched its recording). At night, I attended the BAW Volunteer briefing and ended the day by coding Raun.

On Saturday, I went to NYH meeting Martin and then spent my time there taking stuffs to be moved to my room for BAW preparation. In the afternoon, I had a nap and then continued improving Raun while patrolling Wikipedia and voting on POTY 2013. In the evening, I ended the day by watching the most recent episode of Magic Kaito 1412 and The Big Bang Theory.

On Sunday, I went to Buddhist Fellowship for a talk by Bro Shen Shi’An where he talked very lengthy on what stuffs that are not Buddhism especially those who claim to be Buddhist tradition but actually isn’t. I found that the talk, although informative and logical, was not very nice as he slipped numerous advertisement of his classes and made fun of the societies that did those non-Buddhist tradition while claiming to be Buddhist. After the talk I went back to NTU and went to NYH taking some other stuffs for BAW and then had a short nap before I patrolled Indonesian Wikipedia, joined in some discussions, and improving Raun. Ah, they were just like the old days (2009-2010 era, which in total contributes to almost half the total of my edit count). At night I finished the lecture recordings and then went to read Detective Conan manga. After the death of DCTP, I rarely caught up with the story again and I found a subreddit which contains links to those files that I missed.


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