It’s a secret. I’m working on a secret project. It is a website, initially intended to be an update to the “Lihat Masalah” project, but I removed and changed and added some elements so that the project could fit what the purpose of the project.

Actually, I’m now stuck. I wanted to add Dropbox integration to the website using Dropbox’s REST API, but I’m having trouble in implementing it. Maybe because it is too deep in detail. Well, the first time I read PHP manual, I was also confused, but when I have developed some PHP page, I’m used to it. End of technical story.

My target for the release of this project is on the end of 2012 (31 December, not 21 December, haha). I hope I could done that in time as now I have exams on school. I will also spending my time on the intensive tuition that will be held on the last week of 2012. No holiday for this end of year :'( . These tuitions are for preparation of NTU and NUS Entrance Examination that will be held mid-January and early-February next year.

Also, I think I will reintegrate this project with “Lihat Masalah” project, maybe after High School National Examination, where we weren’t at school (primary and secondary education) any more; and we will have a forever holiday (if we don’t enrol in tertiary education, :) )

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