20 October 2013

This week is I am getting more and more busy.

On Monday, the first class is CZ1002 lab. In the lab, I just continued with the project. The lecture after that, CZ1003, I didn’t quite pay attention to the lecturer because I did not print the slides, and just took notes of important syntax. CZ1001 was quite boring, but I stood to pay full attention on it. After lunch, the tutorial of CZ1003 went fast and CZ1005 went way too slow as the tutor just discussed 1 question in half an hour. Finally, I rushed back to my hall office to accompany Hendra to register as legal squatter because in NTU Confessions page we’ve read some posts about hall rooms being checked at midnight.

Tuesday is a public holiday! Yay! Finally I can get a good sleep. Because there is no class this day, I just continued with all my projects while planning their priorities.

Wednesday is quite relaxing, because after the CZ1001 and HE9091 tutorial class, I can continue doing my projects while working part-time at OSSAC. This night, NTUBS Dhamma Camp 2014 held its first general committee meeting. I joined their Publicity and Publication team as a subcommittee. This meeting resulted in the Dhamma Camp’s theme and title.

On Thursday, I finally collected my Microsoft Surface RT! The collection queue itself is long at one point, around lunchtime, and after my turn, literally there was no more queue.

On Friday, I did not print any notes anymore, I just bring my Surface to the lecture to take notes at OneNote. CZ1003 lab was quite tricky: we were to get an input from a text containing words but when processed line by line, the newline character (“n”) was also accounted. After lunch, I went to LWN to continue on my CZ1005 lab report. Then I got the last tutorial class of CZ1004 before assessment session which each groups present their own findings of Great Ideas in Computing. Friday night, I attended Dhamma Class about the Life of Buddha. After that, we bring back things to NTUBS cabinet at Nanyang House through heavy rains. Because of the rain, my shoes got wet. After reaching my room, I still have to wait for my laptop & Surface to update themselves to Windows 8.1

Saturday was NTUBS Committee Day. We started at Boon Lay MRT Station and went to The Shoppes@Marina Bay Sands (Bayfront), UOB Bank at 6 Battery Road (Raffles Place), Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (Chinatown), Maxwell Food Center (Tanjong Pagar), and then finally Singapore Buddhist Federation (Aljunied). At Marina Bay, we played games of “mutual understanding” which requires us to have conversation to each other. At UOB, we under blindfold mimic the voice of animal assigned to us and try to find our partner. At the temple, we were given a temple tour. Near Maxwell Food Center, we played guessing food and drink names. At SBF, we did sharing session and then played Karaoke Battle, then have a movie screening and a sharing session. After that, we were driven back to NTU by bus.

On Sunday, I was too tired and busy to go to Buddhist Fellowship. This day was spent on continuing projects as the deadlines are getting closer and closer. I’m not the one who likes to do things near deadline, but because of the variety of projects and the proximity of the deadlines, I just couldn’t do everything one by one. I have read somewhere that doing things one by one is not that stressful compared to doing things simultaneously. At the night, I had a Dhamma Camp 2014 PnP first meeting. I was assigned with Ivan to come up with a poster.

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