13 October 2013

This is a busy week, very busy that I got just enough time of sleep.

On Monday, the example class for Discrete Mathematics ends early so I can print the lecture notes for the subsequent hours. After attending the lectures and tutorials, I skipped lecture for Principle of Economics. This is the first time I skipped a lecture. It was because I was so tired that day, then at the time, I had a meeting with UOC14 chairperson in which I, Zillion, and Peter were assigned as PnP main-committee; also prepares birthday celebration for Josephine and Xin Wen. In the birthday celebration, I was surprised as mine was also celebrated there.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013 is my birthday. This day goes like the other days, just many greetings from friends and families. The effective communication lecture was uncrowded as usual, but this time the lecturer changed to our tutor. He covered the lectures about public speaking and showed us some interesting videos.

Wednesday is relaxing as there were no lab session in the morning, actually it has, but it was optional and we will do nothing there. Today also I got Discrete Maths quiz. The quiz was super-easy as there were just 2 questions that were taken directly from the tutorial questions. After that, the tutorial for Principle of Economics was quite fast although the tutor was late again. I then have enough time to take lunch first before started to work at OSSAC. After that I directly went back to my room and continued my projects.

On Thursday, there were just lectures, which was quite boring. In the middle of lecture of discrete maths, I got a call from ASUS Service Center asking for my password, because I was so excited, I told them in unclear way and I went out from Lecture Theatre, calmed down, and then spelled out each letter, because my password is quite long (about 15 characters long). In the afternoon, when attending Effective Communication tutorial, they called again but I missed them, then they send me SMS telling me that I can collect my laptop already. After the usual lectures, I went to Principle of Economics lecture (for other groups, but not restricted to that groups). Then after having dinner at Canteen B, I went to Lee Wee Nam Library to prepare for my interview for Dhamma Camp committee recruitment. I went there at 9pm as assigned, but my interview ended around 10.30pm, and then after I went back to my room, Kelvin Pangeran was there with HW, and he was with his Microsoft Surface. I found out that his purchase date was same as mine, and he got informed about the previous collection date. After some time, Alice and Sanryani came to join them studying. Then, everyone showed up in front of the door and celebrated my birthday. There were Steven Hartawan, Alwyn, Evando, Kelvin Teheri, Peter, Robert, Hendra, Riko, Herdiyenti, Jessica, Harri, Selamat, Handoko, Fandy, Jefferson and Aldi. Because I usually turned up the fan, when they get in, the candles from the cake got blew up by the fan, but were quickly restored and the fan was shut off. I then made a wish, same as before, then cut the cake. Then we moved to the pantry to split and eat the cake. After that we went to the TV lounge to have little conversation before we went back.

On Friday, I were tired because of the celebration the night before, but I managed to attend the first lecture just in time. Then for the lab session on Digital Logic, I finished up the lab experiment in time while also documenting the results of the experiment to put it on the lab report. In the afternoon, I had a group meeting on Great Ideas in Computing, there, we focused on the outlines of Present GUI. At the tutorial, the tutor said that we should focused on problem-idea pattern and bring up the great ideas behind GUI instead of presenting what is GUI. This means we should do more research. After the class, I went directly to ASUS Service Center at TRIVEX, Tai Seng. After collected my laptop, I ate my dinner a hawker center there although it was just 5 pm before going back to NTU.

On Saturday, I woke up early before 7 to prepare myself to join Computer Engineering Club (CEC) Maincomm-subcomm bonding day. We met in front Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre and rode a bus to Siloso Beach at Sentosa Island. There we grouped ourselves and then some committees from social committees led us to play games. After lunch, we played captain’s ball in the water. Quite extreme, but it was just stopped because of rain. For the last games, we were grouped into 4 and then we put our name tag at our back and then played Running Man. Our group went “hiding”, and then in the end lost the “fight” with the other group. After that, we went back to NTU ourselves.

On Sunday, we, students from Medan, got a photo taking session with Mr. Johnson. The photographer itself was a graduated student from NTU who is also a ex-student of Mr. Johnson. We started late as some of the participants were late. First we took photographs at a lorong at Clarke Quay with formal suit and then with batik. After we had lunch there, we went to Raffles Place, to be exact at Merlion Park, and took photos in our school uniform with Marina Bay Sands building as our background. Then we had another photo with bushes as our background. After we changed clothes, we took photos again at East Coast Park in a grass field, with a tree, and lastly with the beach as the background. Then we had dinner together without Mr Johnson and the photographer at Bedok Town Center, then went back to NTU. It was a tiring and long day, but it was fun to be together.

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