3 November 2013

This week is the busiest week of this semester (excluding exam periods).

On Monday, at the CZ1002 lab, after signing in and having short discussion about the project, I left the lab and went to register my calculator. The registration process was very fast and simple: a guy just stick a sticker of “NTU College of Engineering”, then writes my calculator model on it. After that, I attended CZ1003 lecture, and CZ1001 lecture. Then after having lunch at McD, I, Zillion, Grace, and Stefan went to SAC to play UNO Stacko. After that I went to CZ1003 tutorial, and then CZ1005 tutorial. After CZ1005 tutorial, just like usual, I ran to LKC-LT to attend the HE9091 lecture. I’m very blurred at this lecture as I missed some slides of the introduction part. This night, I rushed to finalize my HW0110 speech script.

On Tuesday, I attend the morning tutorial of CZ1002. After that, I went to LWN to revise HE9091 because the next day I got a quiz. Then I attend the afternoon lecture of CZ1005 and CZ1002. CZ1005 is quite interesting as the lecturer talks about how to make a memory in digital circuit. On the other hand, CZ1002 is become more and more boring because it talks about the hardware part of computer. After that, CZ1004 project resumed as we start rehearsing on the presentation part.

On Wednesday, after CZ1001 tutorial, I had HE9091 quiz. The quiz itself was not that hard although I can’t answer some questions. Because of this session having a quiz, I can start to work part-time on-time. The work itself was boring as I just revise my speech script there. On the night, besides practicing my speech, I also revised for CZ1001 quiz on the next day.

On Thursday, at CZ1001 quiz, we were presented 4 questions of which our total score will be based on 3 best answers. This time, I can said that I did not successfully do the quiz. I just very confident that 1 question is right, while the other 3 had some mistakes that ruin the whole questions. But never mind, everything that is in the past will be on the past. On the afternoon, I got to do speech! Before going to the tutorial room, I queued up for NTUSU’s U-Study Campaign that gives us goodie bag and free donuts. I was so nervous that time as I got the 3rd turn to do the speech.

First to do the speech is Yan Han, he talked about doing a speech. Second is Gen Liang, he talked about being a vegetarian, but I did not listen to it as the tutor gives us a time for practicing speech outside the room right before our turn. Outside, Yan Han accompany me for a while, my nervousness dropped when he said, “Don’t be nervous, I know you can do it”. After Gen Liang finished his speech, I got in to the room, wrote my name on the whiteboard, and started my speech about misconceptions about Indonesia. My points for the speech are to clear misconceptions like:

  • Bali is not in Indonesia
  • Indonesia is an Islamic country
  • All Chinese-Indonesians are rich

In the middle of the speech, when my nervousness rise, I saw Gary doing some support gesture and then become relaxed again. Although I don’t speak some points, I managed to finish my speech well. After my turn, I feel very much relieved, then it was Vincent’s turn, he talked about blood donation. Next is Gary’s and then Prakash’s. Gary talked about life being meaningless and we are needed to fill it while Prakash talked about the benefits of beer. After that, the tutor give us the evaluation form and asked us to return it back. For content, the tutor think that my points is interesting. For organization, he said that my introduction need to be better. Yes, I think my introduction is not that engaging, but I can’t think of better one. I forget what he wrote for vocal effectiveness. For visual effectiveness, he said that my gestures are too much but I think I just did it naturally and unconsciously. And lastly for the language, he wrote that I’m good. My speech took around 2,5 minutes. I was not surprises as I cut down some points I wanted to say.

The day continues as I went to CZ1002 lecture which talked about the reviews for the hardware lectures and the CZ1005 lecture continues to talk about interesting thing about circuits. After the lectures, CZ1004 presentation rehearsal resumed until 6 pm. Then surprisingly Jefferson called me to help him to move stuffs from his room to Ivan’s room which was closer to Nanyang House, where NTUBS Exam Supper will be held. The journey is very tiring, but it was fun.

On Friday, in the morning, we met again to rehearse CZ1004 presentation. After that, we had CZ1003 lab in which we had quiz in the middle of the lab, which is format is MCQ with multiple answers. I was not very confident to the last 2 questions though. After the quiz, I had lunch and then play game in my Surface at LWN. Then the time has comes. After doing this project for around 9 weeks, finally we are presenting our great ideas in computing: the Graphical User Interface. The presentation itself is not so formal as it is not a communication course. After that, I went straight back to my room, had a little nap and then went to help Jefferson to set up NTUBS Exam Supper. NTUBS Exam Supper was crowded maybe because it provides the guests with supper and goodie bag. In the event, there are a drama from Fellowship team, games and supper from Metta team, and goodie bag from Business team. After the event, we went to SAC and then benches along MAE & SCE to celebrate Alice’s birthday.

On Saturday, I woke up late. While waiting for laundry, I watched The Legend of Korra. This day is basically just modifying CZ1002 project and CZ1004 project. On CZ1002, Harvey did some image and I include them to the project. While on CZ1004, I added the images from the presentation. In the afternoon, I got an exam wishes from my GLs through PINTU Exam Wishes. Thank you Dillon & Feli. In the night, I watched the movie Winnie-the-Pooh, which was one of my favorite characters back in my childhood.

On Sunday, I went to Buddhist Fellowship. The talk there is about “What if you are wrong”. In this talk, the speaker compares Buddhism and other religion asking what if we choose the wrong religion. He said that Buddhism can cope with modern science and that what makes this religion right. In the night, I watched the movie Argo. First though of the title “Argo” is argometer, the Indonesian word for taximeter. This movie makes me somewhat interested in Iranian history of that time.

Although this week was very busy, the best part of it is I survived the week. And in the subsequent weeks, there were just one or two for me to complete.

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