10 November 2013

A relaxing week, in contrast with the previous weeks. The week is filled with lots of free time, but filled with studying. This week I got CZ1002 quiz too. On this week, I also ‘hosted’ my roommate’s birthday. Many lectures, tutorials, and labs had its last session this week.

Monday, 4 November, is a holiday in NTU, to substitute the public holiday (Deepavali) that was held in the Saturday of the previous week. On this day, the CZ1002 group rushed the project report which in the end I must include my contents which is somewhat too technical for my group-mates to understand. After the report has been finished, I then revised for CZ1002 quiz that will be held on the next day.

On Tuesday, I attended the last tutorial of CZ1002, which was conducted by Mr. Li Qin as our tutorial class (with Mr. Luo Jun) have been merged. After the class, I revised again for CZ1002 quiz. In the afternoon, I attended the CZ1005 lecture of which I was quite distracted by my friends revising the CZ1002 quiz. After the lecture, in CZ1002 lecture, Ms. Li Fang gave quick revision about the course and then the quiz commenced. The quiz was not that hard as the essay part was not tricky. After the quiz, I quickly went back to my room. Some time later, I realized that my food stock was nearly depleted. I quickly went to Giant to restock. Surprisingly, now it was full! Haha. After some time of procrastinating, I started to do CZ1001 tutorial, I was so slow in doing the questions and finally stuck.

On Wednesday, after waking up early, I did HE9091 tutorial which half of the questions left unanswered as I don’t understand the lecture about that part (maybe because I’m late by 5 minute to attend that lecture). I went to CZ1001 last tutorial class, which the tutor just discuss the questions that are unmarked as additional problems (which he usually discuss). Then I went to HE9091 tutorial class, this time, the tutor shows us the score of the quiz. I got 17 out of 20. After the class, I went to work part-time. This time, most of the time is boring because I got nothing to do and I do not want to play games while working as the staffs at OSSAC are passing by all the time.

This day was Hartono’s birthday. Next when I went back to my room, everything is set: my friends have bought cake and safekeep it at his room. I’m just waiting for all the people to be ready. The time is 10pm, I went to Canteen 11. Some of them are there already. After some time waiting, finally everyone who said that they can attend came. We, consists of Robert, Peter, HH, Riko, Alice, Liniki, Sanryani, Steven Hartawan, Evando, Teheri, KP, Fandy, Harri, Handoko, Selamat, David, Jefferson, Aldi then mobilize to Block 54 Level 3 Pantry to set up the cake. After that, I carried the cake to my room in which Hartono was studying and using earphone. Funnily, he just looked and blew all the candle :P It happened in less than a minute. We then “fixed” things: lit up the candles again, took his photos with the cake, and also sang “Happy birthday” song. After that, came the most waited moment: the cake sharing session, which was done in Block 54 Level 2 Pantry and in Block 54 TV Lounge. Next, he left first because on the next day he got a quiz. But we stayed late together in the TV lounge. Birthday celebration in the end is not just to celebrate birthday, but also to gather people to meet each other.

On Thursday, the lecture of CZ1001 finished all the materials of the course as the next lectures will be discussing about the question pools. The CZ1003 lecture after that also finished all the modules and this was the last lecture. On HW0110 tutorial, I just watched my friends doing their own speech. There were Wei, Lei, James, Deka, Huy, and Jonathan. Wei’s speech is the most engaging with audience as he asked for the audience to stand up, and when we do, he told us why we stand up: it was because of conformity. I forget what Lei’s speech was about. James’s was about cyber-sport and gaming. Deka’s was about 3R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Huy’s was the benefit of taking nap. Jonathan’s was about the culture of Japanese sharing their food. After the tutorial, I straightly went to LT2A to wait for CZ1002 lecture by a guest lecturer. Because I got nothing to do, I played around the LT, posing as if I am the lecturer. Haha. The guest lecturer was Yoon-seok Yang, a computer scientist at Intel. He gave the lecture in evaluation for applying for teaching in NTU. He talked about multi-core processors which I find quite interesting. The next lecture was CZ1005, which was interesting as always.

On Friday, I just got CZ1005 final lab on 1030-1230. Interesting lab as we are guided minimally and I was able to finish it on time. We were told to do a counter circuit. Then add some features like reset and enable the circuit. Finally, displaying the counter in 2 digit and it acts like a banner scrolling horizontally.

After the lab, I went queue up for SCE Exam Welfare Package and then went back to my hall where I and Ivan will do T-shirt design. The process took around 2-3 hours. And hopefully some of the like one of the designs, yeah we posted 5 designs in case that they don’t like some (or even all) of them. In the night, I started to complete CZ1001 “cheat sheet” and then started to do its Past Year Paper.

On Saturday, I did laundry on the morning, then watched The Legend of Korra, but the story is guessable: she did what the antagonist wanted, then I predicted that she will be late before the deadline for closing the portals and then fight the Vaatu, the dark-spirit. In the afternoon till the night, I continued doing Past Year Paper of CZ1001. Tough, but I just managed to finish 2 papers only.

On Sunday, I, Hartono, and Dhika went to Buddhist Fellowship. The talk was about Gratitude. The topic was not interesting enough, furthermore the speaker just read from the slides. It just get interesting when she talked about her own story and then showed how it linked with gratitude. After that, we went to Fairprice, JP to do some shopping. My food stock is fully full! Then I did the tutorial for CZ1005 (after a long time not doing it).

This week has been a relaxing week, but final exam is already near. Let’s study, good luck & have fun!

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