Week 6, Semester 3

21 September 2014

I don’t know why. I can find myself quite number of free time this week, but I filled the week with lots of activities and hence, was quite tired because of these stuffs.

On Monday, I woke up early to accompany Naing Htoo for booking NYH SR. After that I had some business to do with NTUBS Cabinet before going back to my room, having a very short nap, then to school, attending CZ2002 tutorial, printing & submitting CZ2004 stuffs, and then CZ2001 lab where all groups presented and we’re quite okay. After that, we went to SAC to give Zillion a birthday surprise. Going back, I had a nap then rushed to Business Law presentation meeting which lasted till 6pm. Then I went to Canteen A and waited till around 8pm for Microsoft Student Partners “meeting” in which I attend just to observe that: this is not official by NTU, although looks like supported by Microsoft; the leaders expect that those who sign up are willing to brainstorm ideas and organize workshops. (well, this is gone too far for first meeting; I might not join them anymore since I got a commitment problem).

Tuesday, I woke up early in which I went to the early morning lectures continued by lunch and tutorial. After that, I had a meeting with Thiri and Ivan, setting up the interview question of NTUBS Dharma Camp 2015 recruitment for our assigned portfolio. After we done, I went to lecture and ended the day.

Wednesday, I had early morning lab CZ2002, which I finished in around an hour. I went back to sleep before having lunch and then going to HW0210 tutorial. After tutorial, I went to Prof Sun’s office since he requested to check my computer about why a particular program can’t be installed in my computer and chit-chat about how URECA students are special since they can get exposure to research project and (jokingly) can have professor to resolve problem in their computer. After I went back to my room, I did quite a number of stuffs, switching to one and another, which proves not to be so effective.

Thursday, I had early monring lecture, and after printing some stuffs, I went to CZ2003 tutorial and BU8301 lecture. Then I went to BU8301 tutorial presentation 2nd and final meeting, which in presenting, our presentation is okay and quite short. After that, I went to meet NTUBS MCs and kicked off NTUBS Dharma Camp 2015 Recruitment which we did interview to the applicants. This is the first time I interview someone :P Our group was quite unprepared since we just printed the case study questions and not the general questions. Besides, in the middle of interview, my Surface got dropped, and had permanent damage on its touch screen input device. Hence, the taking note part can’t be done electronically and reverted back to old-fashioned papers and pens. Some times later, our group is split into 2 since the applicants for our portfolios are quite a lot (welfare + logistics). This proved to be quite effective to end the interview early and we finished the interview by 10pm.

Friday, I had the normal marathon of lectures and tutorials until lunch before having a short nap, and then met Ms Xu Yi, the PhD student that is assigned us for URECA project, explaining about the background knowledge needed and the what to do in the project. After that, I went to the 2nd day of NTUBS Dharma Camp Recruitment. Not much to say, the interview went well and ended early, we continued to the discussion and were quite undecided on the VCM (Program) position for some times before smoothly filling other positions, and the discussion ended at 2am. But I still got other problem, since I forced the turning off process of my laptop, after it booted up, something strange happens, like start-up programs not running properly and audio service can’t run. I kept restarting and the problem still persists. I gave up, I’ll continue after I woke up.

Saturday, I only slept shortly before waking up for the weekly ICPC training starting at 0930. Here, my team performed well in the contest (4/5 AC) :P thanks to Aristo imba m(_ _)m. Afer I went back, I did a number of system restore and the final one was “successful” (reported unsuccessful, but the functionalities are back, which are good). Bored, I restarted my computer to boot into Ubuntu (which I never touched since I moved to Hall 4) and updates the softwares there. I used this OS until night where I participated in Codeforces Round #268 where I solved problem A and B (B with 1x RTE penaly). And it ended well with rating increase of 138, which is my best rating change, yet! yeay!

Sunday, I went to Buddhist Fellowship for Sunday Service, with a Dharma talk by Bro Yap Kheng Guan, talking about Dhammacakkapavatana Sutta. He talks about the full sutta, including the 4 noble truths, which are not so interesting since I’ve heard talks about both 4 noble truths and the sutta already. There, I met Marshall and Andhi. Going back, I went for a shopping at Valu$ and had a short nap before going to a musical organized by Tzu Chi at Nanyang Auditorium. It was a large event, with those Tzu Chi volunteers whom are so welcoming. The musical itself started with some videos about Tzu Chi, which I think is too long but the musical itself was a performance of Tzu Chi volunteers using hand gestures and some movements to reflect the message they wanted to show us. The musical itself was about what parents have done to their children, and it was so tear breaking. I was reminded of how my parents have done well to me, how they have worried about me from time to time, and how they have let go of their ego in giving the best to their children. :’)


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