Week 6, Semester 4: Chinese New Year!

Week 6 felt really short. It was Chinese New Year week of which I went back since the Tuesday night and only felt school work at Monday till Tuesday afternoon. Continue reading “Week 6, Semester 4: Chinese New Year!”

Week 5, Semester 4: NTUBS Anniversary Night

18 February 2015

Week 5 was similar to Week 4: started quite free but chaotic at the end. And of course, not as chaotic as Week 3 (Buddhism Awareness Week). Continue reading “Week 5, Semester 4: NTUBS Anniversary Night”

Week 8, Semester 3

14 October 2014

It was week 8 of the semester, which started peacefully and the workload increases again. It is packed with a holiday, my birthday, NTUBS stuffs (Dharma Camp and Committee Day), and ICPC training. Continue reading “Week 8, Semester 3”

CNS 2014

3 August 2014

CNS 2014 was a FOC from NTU Buddhist Society. Titled “This Is It!”, the camp features The Four Noble Truths as its theme. Held on 29 July to 1 August, this camp is one of the most tiring and memorable camp I’ve ever joined. The camp itself was so big that the preparation itself took around 6 months and we need a goods van only to transport the stuffs to and from different venues. Besides that, I’ve always amazed when someone explains the Four Noble Truths and goes on to the twelve links of Dependent Origination. Continue reading “CNS 2014”