Muse – Madness

Recently, I found out that this song by Muse, titled “Madness”, is stuck on my head. This song is not too “rock” for me, Muse – Survival, the official song for London 2012 Olympic Games, in my opinion is “rocker” than this song. This song has a lot of falsetto, and then followed by low-voices, also the tones are not flat as usual, it is somewhat beautiful. In the end of the song, the singer sing long and loud like expressing a deep feeling. This what’s makes the song nice for me: recently I like songs that have long and loud expression in the middle or in the final part.

And now I have finally seen the light,
And I have finally realized,


It has been a long time since someone asked me which animal was my favourite. The first time was in Rainbow School, grade 6, the teacher, named Jemmy, asked the class which animal we like. Most of them answered dogs, and cats, well someone answered tigers, and I answered penguin. When she asked why, I just simply answered, “Because I have a penguin-shaped doll.”

The penguin doll which I have now is very long belonged to me. It has done “skin replacement”, the replacement of the cloth that cover the doll, because the original one was easily damaged. The original one was smooth and cool when touched. Well, in my childhood, I love the doll because I can’t bear the heat of the blanket, then I hug the doll and feel cooler.

Recently, when I’m starting to use WhatsApp messenger on my cellphone, there were many emoticons, including penguin. Actually, I’ve been called “koala” or something like that. They said that it was because of the size of my body and “my cuteness” (my friends told me that I’m “cute”, I don’t think so). Leonard assigned the emoticon koala to me. And I assigned the emoticon cat to him and pig to Edward. Then I constantly used the emoticon penguin to refer it to me. Leonard also assigned the emoticon hen to Lenny.

When travelling to Singapore, day 2, we visited Jurong Bird Park, there I found that there were special place for penguins. I was very excited to see them. It was my second time to see penguins with my own eyes. The first time was around December 2006 and January 2007, we visited Singapore and ever visited Singapore Zoo. (the photo below was taken at Singapore Zoo)

Humbolt Penguins from Singapore Zoo (2006)

At Jurong Bird Park that time, I bought some penguins figurine to share to my friends as souvenirs. Actually I also wanted to buy a penguin doll which has a “WWF” logo attached for myself. But it was very expensive, around SGD40 (IDR300k).


4 July 2012

On this day’s night, I watched the film Armageddon on my laptop. It was about USA got hit by meteor shower, then NASA found out that it was part of an approaching asteroid which could make all form of life on Earth disappear. NASA then suggest that they use the nuclear bomb to break apart the asteroid into 2 pieces so that the motion changed. In order to do that, they have to put the bomb in the core of the asteroid. They have to drill deep inside to do that. They need help. They called for help from an oil drilling owner with his crews. NASA trained them for very short time, with most of all test were failed, but were approved to be astronaut. The flight to the asteroid was disastrous. NASA sent them in 2 shuttle, one got hit by the debris of the asteroid and most of the passenger died. The other one suffered great difficulties in drilling. They drilled until the machine got burst out of the orbit. The president ordered protocol B: to detonate the bomb without drilling. It failed cause the pilot of the shuttle disabled it after long debate with the main character. The other machine from the first shuttle came; they continued it. After finished drilling, before they put in the bombs, debris of the asteroid showered them, damaging the controller for remote detonation. They must leave a person there to detonate. The main character’s rival, also his daughter’s boyfriend, was chosen by drawing straws. In the last minute, the main character made him to go back to the shuttle and him to take care of his daughter. He transmitted a last message with his daughter. They came back to Earth as heroes, in their flight, he detonated the bomb and then boom! No Armageddon was happened. The end.

It was a great film! So scientific, brutal, and disastrous. I can’t accept why they send 2 shuttle instead of only one; cause usually only one. And why they have to refuel on Russian Space Station. Also, I doubt that Russian Space Station was existed.

Gary Barlow & The Commonwealth Band – Sing (featuring Military Wives)

This is the music video of a song titled “Sing“, by Gary Barlow & The Commonwealth Band featuring Military Wives, a choir consisting of wives (and girlfriends) of British Military personnel. This song is written for the celebration of Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. This song peaked at #1 on UK’s Official Singles Chart on its second week at chart. This song features Gary Barlow on piano, Military Wives on vocal, and the others. There are so many singers and music instruments involved. It is a very amazing song.

Sing it louder, sing it clearer, knowing everyone will hear you,
Make some noise, find your voice tonight.
Sing it stronger, sing together, make this moment last forever,
Old and young shouting love tonight.

Ariel, Uki, Lukman, Reza, David Feat.Momo Geisha – Cobalah Mengerti

A song from the album “Suara Lainnya” by “Ariel, Uki, Lukman, Reza, David” featuring Momo Geisha. It is a nice song featuring Momo Geisha vocal and David’s piano. “Cobalah Mengerti” is a song from the album “Hari Yang Cerah” by Peterpan. Peterpan since that album consists of Ariel, Uki, Lukman, Reza, David. They didn’t release the album by using the name “Peterpan” because they have already planned to change the band name once Ariel, who is currently under arrest, freed.

12 June 2012

12 June 2012
My day started on 8.30 am. I remembered that Satyananda, a long-time friend of mine, will pay a visit to my home at 10. I rushed to clean myself and have breakfast. It was still 9. I lay down for a while.
At 9.45, I had my bath. Got nothing to do. I started to defragment my laptop’s hard-disk. Also, I started to go online. I started it with doing a favour from Asep, a Wikipedia-and-Wikibooks user, on Indonesian Wikibooks. 10.30, Satya called me that he will start coming to my home. Around 11, he arrived here. I played Airline Manager first; chit-chat for a while; also copying my files to his externad HDD; and then started to play Winning Eleven on PS2. We started it with Netherlands 3-2 (me) England; then South Korea 1-2 (me) Australia; Manchester United 5-4 (me) Chelsea; finally Netherlands 3-3 (me) Spanish (PK: Ned won). Before NED v. ESP, I had lunch first.
After those things, he went home. I went to have a nap. In this nap, I had a very interesting dream. I dreamed that I am lying on my bed, with my eyes open, and I feel that I can move my body but I didn’t want to do it because I think it will cause me to be awake. Is this lucid dream? As I remembered, I have never experienced lucid dream before.
At 4, I had tuition on Johnson. I’m surprised that the students that followed intensive class on 2 was very many, including Leonard, Eddy, Stella, Selamat, and Jason. My friendship with Leonard now is not as well as that in January. I think he hasn’t forgave me on my words in the Whatsapp group last Sunday. I hope that our friendship didn’t broke.


Today is Vesak Day, which encompasses the birth, the enlightenment , and the passing of Gautama Buddha. I & my family paid a visit to Setiabudi Temple.

I prayed that may all the beings live happily (Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitahtta). But how? The night before this day, I have suggested some path to make the world better.


I think the most important issue today is the environmental issues.  People tend to live in a calmer way when the environment is clean, and when the weather is cool (not too hot). This way, there will be less conflict around the world, and thus, people live more happily. So, I think we must support Greenpeace, WWF, and Oxfam to make the environment better.


The next issue is education. When people are educated, they tend to live in a peaceful life although they still competing in a good way: they don’t fight physically. When people are at peace, people live more happily. So, I think we must support Wikipedia and its sister project that provide free educational material.


Politics vary across the globe, but they share a same feature: politics control people. When a group of people, who were elected by most people, control all people, it is called democracy. When some group of people make the people at the same status (and control all their life), it is called communism. Democracy tend to make large people larger and small people smaller. Communism tend to make small people large and large people small. Well, I’m a neutral person since I lost my faith in democracy. But the politics done in Wikipedia community seems good enough to be implemented to real life, because in the community, the rules are all neutral. So, it is not good to be too deep in a side. As Buddha suggested, the Middle Way, or in this context, the “neutral” party, is the best. Let’s hope there will be a real neutral party competing in the politics. :)

That’s all for this year on how to improve the world. May all the beings live happily. Thank you.