Chinese New Year

Week 4, Semester 4: Busy weekend

10 February 2015

Phew, at last I got decent time for writing. The weekend has been spent fully on other issues (like very serious issue on copyright violation by Indonesian Wikipedia where I run my bot for more than 24 hours and generated like 47k edits, that’s more than twice my edit count since my registration in 2009 :P ) The week has been well spent for lots of stuffs like NTUBS CNS Recruitment, experimenting with Gerrit, starting a new side-project, and group project meetings. …

Week 3, Semester 2

2 February 2014

Varying between normal life at NTU and laziness at hometown, this week is filled with holiday mood as Chinese New Year is on 31 January (Friday). I went back to Medan from 30 January (morning) till 2 February (morning) which I spent on being together with my friends and families. …

2013 in Review

31 December 2013

Many things happened in 2013, just like in 2012. The following lists what have happened to me in 2013:

Here comes the end of 2013, happy new year 2014. This blog is never been this crowded before. Thank you for being an audience of my stories. May the blog be filled with more posts in terms of quantity and quality.

P.S. see my year in review from Facebook.

2nd week of Chinese New Year

The second week of Chinese New Year was quite usual.

Nothing special in Monday.

On Tuesday, our group’s singing performance was stopped by the teacher and were asked to re-perform next week with better performance. :(

Also nothing in particular on Wednesday.

Thursday, I quickly did my computer project. It was done! Yay! See it here (Mediafire).

Friday, I, Leonard, Edward, and Lenny went out to have lunch at Sakae Sushi at Hermes Place Polonia. Like before, the food was just usual. At the evening, I helped Alwyn doing his project.

Saturday, we rehearsed our group’s singing. Back in programming club, it was quite nice.