Week 3, Semester 2

2 February 2014

Varying between normal life at NTU and laziness at hometown, this week is filled with holiday mood as Chinese New Year is on 31 January (Friday). I went back to Medan from 30 January (morning) till 2 February (morning) which I spent on being together with my friends and families.

On Monday, in the last class of EE8087 Living with Mathematics, our group, which consisted of me, Hendry, Kris, and Stephen, decided the topic of the group project which we will present at the end (or starting a few week before the end) of the course. After the classes, I’ve been reconsidering my decision to accept the CNS 2014 position. I chatted with the camp master and raised this concern (as I think that logistics will not do much before the camp and during the semester I feel like nothing to do outside academic matters). He also asked me which portfolio will I want if the “rejection” was “granted”. I then requested to shift my position to be a publicity or publication subcom. He said that he will consider this case and he will try to meet my interest.

On Tuesday night, there was NTUBS BAW (Buddhism Awareness Week) workshop which discusses the materials which will be presented on the booths. The materials were a lot, and not all of them were presented on this workshop as there were still some unfinished things.

On Wednesday, the lecture on CM8001 The Impact of Chemistry on Society was quite okay as the lecturer gave some interesting information that I previously did not know and the lecture went slowly but nicely. After that, the tutorial on BU8201 was also interesting, starting from this tutorial, there were groups presenting the answers of the tutorial. I (and 2 other people) were assigned to present on Tutorial 6. In this tutorial, I somehow started to interact with more people. Somehow, if there was no other people who I know before, I would interact with some people easier than if people who I know were around. After the class, the night was spent on preparing things to bring for the trip back to Medan on the next day.

On Thursday, the day started at 4.45 am when I woke up without any reason. My alarm has been set to 5.15 am though. After having quick shower (which turned out to be a cold one as the hot water haven’t been on as scheduled) and quick breakfast of last slices of bread, I went waiting for bus at the bus stop around 6.10 am. Arrived at Jurong Point at 6.30, I have nothing to don now: just waited for the others to come. I saw that early in the morning, the buses and trains were crowded, especially by students. After Surya and Steven came and had breakfast at Boon Lay Cafe, we then started the trip to Changi via MRT. Changing train at Tanah Merah, we then met Eka and Wilson who will board the same flight too. Along the trip, we knew that there were a lot of NTU students (and alumni) who will be going back to Medan in that flight. Arriving in Changi, we then checked in to AirAsia counter. I saw Adrian (ANU) from the far checked-in at Valuair counter. After eating at Changi’s Staff Canteen, we then went to waiting room and then board the aircraft. During the flight, I felt so tired and somehow slept almost all the time.

After we landed at Kuala Namu, we queue for the immigration process which queue was very long (and slow). After going out from the airport and met my family, we went to have lunch at RM Simpang Tiga. Going back home, I had a nap first before going out with my father to have my hair cut. After the haircut, we visited my grandmother. This time, when she advised me to be more cautious, I feel something nice about that. Going back to my home, I and my family went out to have dinner at Bel Mondo, at Centre Point mall. These times were also the times where I continued playing Pokemon. When it comes to the place where I got nothing to do and there is no Wi-Fi, I continued playing GBA games on my Surface.

On Friday, it is Chinese New Year, but this year my family did not celebrate it as my grandfather has just recently passed away. Nevertheless, at the evening, I went to Vicky’s home to join the BBQ later that day. Joining the BBQ was Leonard, Edward, Jessica, Roselyn (and her brother, Raymond), Vicky (and her family). Here, after having trouble setting up the grill due to lack of experience, finally we got assist from Vicky’s parents who successfully assist us in setting up the grill so we can have the BBQ nicely till the end. Around 12, the BBQ was finished and Roselyn and Raymond got fetched up by their parents. After having a quick shower, we played cards till 2.30 am. But the boys did not end here, Edward, Leonard, and I did a HTHT session. For some time, I followed the session but because my drowsiness struck me, I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. After a long time switching between listening and thinking of some random things, I neither can open my eyes nor move any parts of body, but still able to listen to their talking, especially when they talked about the current time. It was until 5.30 am that they started to go to sleep that I somehow got a real sleep.

I woke up around 7.30 am, and around 8, they left, fetched by Edward’s parents. I then called my father and then left around 9 after having breakfast which was served by Vicky’s parents. Going back to my home, I took a nap for an hour before going out to Sun Plaza for a lunch at Grand Duck. After lunch, we went back to visit my grandmother whom I said goodbye as the next day I will be going back to Singapore. Going back to my home, I took another one-hour nap. Seems like I was very sleepy all over the day and I took a nap whenever possible. For the dinner, we had it at Ji Long Restaurant at Grand Aston.

On Sunday, I woke up at 4.45 am. Leaving home at 5.30 am, I were sent to Kuala Namu Airport by my father. There I met Steven Hartawan, Jason Rotanson, and eventually Alwyn, Peter, and Alvin (Tandias) who will go to Singapore in the same flight. I also met Vinsensius who will went to Bandung later that day. Later, after much time wasted on waiting one another, when we arrived at the waiting room, we were straight called for boarding on final call. After arriving at Singapore, we had breakfast/lunch at Burger King first before I, Peter, and Alwyn took MRT to go back to NTU. Arriving at NTU, I took a short nap before going to shop daily needs at Giants.

On a fine blogging time at Sunday night, Long Khor, the CNS 2014 camp master started a chat with me offering the position of Logistic Manager. Whew, I did not expect to be offered this position. Of course I accepted this position because from the very beginning I was hoping to get this position. :) Thank you for the offer camp master.

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