2016 in Review

31 December 2016

Yet another Year in Review post. I’ll keep it short.

I started 2016 with me finally actually moving this blog to a self-hosted site and put up a notice on my old blog. At my old blog, even when I didn’t post anything else, there were still 5000 page visits, mainly to my old posts.

This year, out of the 75 posts I made (where 50 of them were auto-posted from Instagram to this blog), there was one post that is quite popular: the tutorial on how to enable SSL on Hostinger sites, which gained 772 views out of the4,727 views I received on this blog.

Still about blogging, I have came into such a state where I only posted 1-2 posts every month instead of every week. There were also some posts that are still on draft status since I stuck in writing it and found it really hard to expand or arrange the ideas.

Now, about life, 2016 was just like 2015, but less exciting. Essentially:

  • Started my FYP. Meeting with Prof, yet not much of a concrete project was described to me yet.
  • I signed up for a freelance work. Initially to work a new WordPress website for a client, but then the client chooses another person. Because of that, the connector asked me to just create a WordPress website for them and I did. After that, the initial client needed a CRM system and so I did it. Though since the requirements evolved, the code design also rotted :P
  • Went back to Medan for Chinese New Year for very short time.
  • Invited to Jakarta to attend Wikimedia Indonesia’s workshop where I met few Indonesia Wikipedia admins for
  • Interviewed for a summer internship at Mozilla but failed. (Read more here)
  • Experienced the exceptionally long training time for machine learning course project.
  • I actually started my FYP, since a concrete project has been described to me.
  • Had summer internship at Titansoft doing a mobile app with Xamarin. Also attended company events (Red Friday, bowling, open space)
  • Attended Wikimania 2016 at Esino Lario, Italy
  • Ended summer internship with numerous lunch treat and with a staycation (NTUBS MR2)
  • Went back to Medan for a week; focusing on writing FYP report and writing numerous PYP solutions
  • Attended my final orientation camp (CNS 2016)
  • Started to apply to many companies via LinkedIn (wow, it’s just 2-click away for application)
  • Won 2nd place at Facebook Singapore Hackathon 2016, creating a multiplay Pac-Man game in browser
  • Interviewed at numerous companies.
  • Accepted full-time work at Garena.
  • Attended Geekcamp.sg 2016, where I was exposed to numerous exciting technologies.
  • Finished my FYP
  • Move out from NTU
  • Played a lot of games: Mini Metro, Tropico 5, Cities: Skylines, Prisoner Architect, Chroma Squad
  • Went back to Medan. Caught up with family and friends; also played games.

So, that’s 2016. 2017 will be very uncertain as I started a new life working full-time. I also have bought tickets to event like: Kingdom Hearts Orchestra (May 2017) and Coldplay’s concert (April 2017). Hope that they will be a great one.

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